Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, April 4, 2008

April is Here...

Well we have finally made it through March. I hope the weather will start to get a little warmer. I am so tired of Winter.

We didn't have any family at our house over Easter weekend, so we just kicked back and relaxed on Saturday. On Sunday, we decided that we better accomplish something, so we started cleaning out the grandkids toy closet. Wow, what a mess!! Didn't realize how much stuff was in that closet! We sorted and tossed out a lot, and packed away just a small amount. I have sorted through our Movie & DVD collection and boxed some to sell, some to give to our kids & grandkids, and some to keep. I will probably have to narrow down the keep list more, but may want to watch some again before getting rid of them.

We have started painting the inside of the house, and have the bathroom and hallway finished. We have moved on to the family room and dining room. We have it all trimmed in and half painted.

Had to stop on the remodeling...we were both sick! That upper respiratory infection! Yuck!

Our next project is to go through all our kitchen things to see what we will want to keep and get rid of. That will be a chore for this weekend.

I think we have decided not to have a yard sale, but to maybe have an estate sale. I have sold some of my collectible items on an online auction site and have done well. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

This weekend will be busy for us. HaHa! KU basketball and NASCAR racing. Maybe a little work will get done in between.

I will post some photos on our progress when I get my camera charged.
'til next time....