Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gearing up for the 4th

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time. It has been really hectic around our house. Long hours of working is just not a part of our plan. The view isn't bad though. This is from our front door. We have a lake right across the street from our house. This is one of the reasons why we bought it.
Mac has started inspecting on a pipeline construction job and is having to work 6--10 hour days a week. Yuck! Doesn't leave much time to get anything done around the house to get it ready to sell.

Also, the big storm we had here on June 2nd hit us pretty hard. We had damage to the truck, damage to our TT, and about 11,000.00 damage to our house. So as soon as all that is fixed, we will get back to the things we want to do to get the house on the market by early fall.

I have still been packing and sorting through things. (trying to give stuff to our girls..but that's not working...they don't need more "stuff" either). So, I have been giving small things to our will still end up at their houses!! I have also been making piles. Things to sell online, and things to sell at auction or garage sale. I would really like to just have an auction or estate sale but need to do a little research to see if we could get rid of enough in our small town doing it that way.

I kept up on the RV-Dreams rally online wishing all the time that we could have been there. Mine & DH's work schedule just did not allow it this year, but we will be there next year to meet everyone that are on the forum and chat room...almost feel like we know you already.

We are going to visit some of our kids over the 4th this year. We will be staying with Mac's sister and family. Our great granddaughter will be turning 1 on June 29th and we will have her party while we are there. Three of our kids and families will be there also. 6 adults and 13 grandkids plus Jaelynn, our great granddaughter. Can't wait to see them!

We are still searching for the perfect RV for us. We cannot decide whether we want a MH or a 5er. We see positives for both. We like the idea of the MH so we can tow a Jeep, but we also like the 5er because it just seems to have a better layout for we will keep looking. As long as we make a decision by the first of the year we'll be ok.

Sorry for all the rambling, but my mind just seems to wander off when I start thinking about getting ready to fulltime.
...until next time, peace and good health be with all of you.