Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Goes On...

Netters and Mac in chairs

Well it has been quite a while since I last posted. Not much to talk about unless you want to hear how sick Mac and I have been and that is just too boring.

Well, we are finally feeling a little better, but life goes on even if we didn't. Work, work at home, and more work.  I have been pretty lazy though.

I go to the Dr tomorrow to get a check up on the MRSA in the surgery site. Hopefully it is all gone!  Then if I could get over this upper respiratory infection I would be great.

We have tried to keep on schedule and work on projects we have started on the RV. Mac finished the straps he was making to keep the basement doors from opening too far and messing up the doors and paint job.

I worked on the fabric for the new cornice boards that Mac made for the bedroom. The fabric matches the new comforter and pillows that I purchased for the bed. We got one finished and it looks pretty nice, even if I do say  I will take photos when I get a chance.

We had a couple come and look at the TT today. They liked it but didn't commit to anything. So we keep waiting.

We hope everyone has a great week!

Love grows

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

 easter greetings

There's not been too much activity going on around our house this last week. I did have that lump removed under my arm and the pathology report said it was benign! Yeah! Now the bad news. I ended up with the Flu I think, for several days. Wednesday, Mac started feeling sick but with more symptoms. He also has the respiratory part and so far I have not gotten that. Stayed home in bed to recoup but had to work on Friday.

I also had an appointment at the hospital in the afternoon for them to check the incision. Well, it turns out that the surgery site is very infected. Now get this, it is not infected on the outside. Not red or feverish....the infection is on the inside where they took out the lump...hmm. If that was not bad enough, they had to take a culture and drain it. Now that was painful! Ouch!! I was put on a high dose of antibiotic to take and have to see the surgeon this next week.

I think Mac is more sick than I have ever seen him. He just can't seem to kick this. I was feeling better until last night and I'm afraid that he is giving it back to me...I Don't Want It Back!!!

The weather is dreary and rainy today. All I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep. Maybe I will after this post.  lol

We need to get our RV out of the back yard and to the dealer so he can fix the warranty work before we take another trip, but it is just too wet and supposed to rain off and on all week.

Well enough of these gloomy thoughts!

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


life is a journey and map

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smoking Ribs, Family, and Surgery


I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, but since we have been home from Kerrville there just doesn't seem to be anything fun to write

We had such a great time with all of our friends that coming home and getting back in the normal groove of things seems so boring.

We have not got very much done around the house to get it ready to sell...I guess we have been lazy. Mac has been working on things for the RV and we have been doing some research on things we would like to add to it.

I went to the Doctor a little over a week ago because I had found a lump under my left arm. With my cancer history I decided that I had better have it checked out. I was sent immediately to the hospital for a sonogram. The next day the doctor called and said that the radiologist wanted me to have a CT so I had to go over and have a CT scan. When the radiologist read the report he advised that I have the lumps removed and have a biopsy done. Also, he saw a small spot on my right lung that he wants to recheck later and keep an eye on.  Whew! I will be having the surgery this coming Monday (April 6th) morning to have the lump removed. The surgeon, Dr Freyaldenhoven, said the results should be back by Wednesday or Thursday.

The nurse called me from the hospital Friday and told me that I would probably have to be off work at least 2-3 days because they don't want me to get a %^$(& ( bloodclot) I could not spell the word she actually She said that the surgeon usually requires that you be off the day of surgery and 2 more days, but maybe she would let me go back to work on Wednesday. It just depends on how the surgery goes and what she finds. She does not want me to be using my left arm at all! Hmmm...I guess we will just see what happens.

We picked up our grandson, Jordan, on Friday for a 3 day weekend. He will be here on Monday when I have my surgery and Mac will have to take him home Monday evening. Mac will post something after I get home Monday evening.

Mac is smoking Ribs today and I have made Potato Salad and will make some Baked Beans later for us. Jenni and family will be here also.

Here is our smoker. It is a Bradley Electric Smoker with a digital timer. We love it because we can usually just set it and go on our way.


We probably will hook up the Wii and play some games tonight.

I made a Cross Print for Dortha that she wanted to buy, and got it mailed on Friday, and have one made for Gina but need to email her and find out where she wants me to send it. The print has each spouse name and Family surname, plus a quote on it that makes it look like a cross.

Mark and Dortha Cross

I made one of these for myself and had it in the RV when we were in Kerrville and they really liked it.

I am so discouraged. I have no idea where to start first with getting rid of stuff. I thought that I would have a garage sale when our town has their City Wide Garage Sales but that is only a week after my surgery and I won't have time to get anything ready. Bummer. I think I will have one of my granddaughters come over and help me sort through some more stuff.

As I have said, nothing exciting has been going on around here.

Love grows

We hope everyone has a great week! Hugs to all of you...