Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will This Ever End??

I keep asking myself this question as I start on another project. I have sorted and packed until my eyes and fingers are so tired! I will be so glad when this process is all finished.

Mac decided he didn't like the way the wall in the dining room looked last night and decided to re-do it. So we were up until almost 3am working on it...and then started again this morning. Stripping wallpaper...




I also worked in the office today. I have thrown a lot of things and papers away. I have packed up a lot of craft supplies, gift wrapping supplies,  and computer stuff for the auction. I think I am almost half done in there. The hardest will be going through all the paperwork on and in the desk. I will take more photos when I get it done. I love my desk, but maybe someone else will love it as much and pay a good price for it!


I decided to take a photo of the guest bedroom to show you all how much work we have actually accomplished. Here are the photos of the things that I have packed up so far for the auction...





and those are only the ones in the spare room!

We have kids and grandkids coming Saturday to pick up the things that they are taking and hopefully have the room to take Dana's stuff too. That will help a lot just to get their things out so we don't have to work around them.

I really need a break! I just hope Mac realizes that this is really hard for me, and with just going through all of my mom's things and being very emotional, that I could really use a nice lunch or dinner out and not even think about all of this.  We need to make a Home Depot and WalMart run soon...

Our RV is sitting at the dealer almost finished. He is waiting on a couple of parts so hopefully it will be finished next week so that we will be able to meet up with Kevin and Arlene on their way back to Texas from St Louis.

Well, I had better get back to the old grindstone as it is still pretty early in the day. I can hear the office calling my name...netters, netters....I am waiting for you!

And to close, here is a photo of Mac with a mask that was made for one of our grandkids that we found...


Hugs to all!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well it is Monday and we are hard at work at the house again today. I spent most of the day working in the kitchen while Mac worked to finish the Living Room.

I have the kitchen all packed up except for the few dishes and cookware that we will need while we are here at the house. There is also food. When we move back to the RV, all of that stuff will be packed up for sale or given away.

I was so happy I can finally see my kitchen counters again!!!




I didn't get anymore photos of the finished living room but I will take some tomorrow. I know you all are probably getting tired of all these photos but it is like a journal of the progress we have made.

I will start work on the office tomorrow. Mac will move out the copier, fax machine, bookcase, and file cabinets so we can get it ready for paint. I will pack up all the stuff in the desk, cabinets, and closet. The desk will have to be taken apart. It comes apart in 3 pieces so maybe won't be so hard to move. The desktop computer will also be taken apart and put in the other room. I won't even take a photo in there until most everything is out of there.

Our daughter, Chris emailed me some proofs of the photos her and Dusty are having made. Their photographer is great! There are some awesome photos and I don't know how they will choose.

It is 34 degrees here tonight and snow just north of us in Kansas City. Oh, I am not ready for the snow this winter. I wish we could just jump in the truck, hook up the RV and head south for a few months! Maybe next year.

Some of our RVing friends, Paul & Mary will be heading back toward Kansas City for the holidays so we are anxious to see them and their new Motorhome that they just purchased. Maybe we will take our RV to KC and park with them for a couple of days if we get it back soon enough.

No other news to update. Got on chat and spent some time visiting with friends, watched a little TV and edited the photos that I took of the girls the other day. Here are some of the edited photos:

1Gloria for school photo2 [800x600]

Gloria for school photo [800x600]

DSC_0058 (2) [800x600]

Natalie for school photo5 [800x600]


Natalie for school photo3 [800x600]

Justyce for school photo2 [800x600]

1Justyce for school photo [800x600]

Hugs to all!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday at the House

OMG this is tiring work! I am so tired of doing this I could scream!!! I will be so happy when we are finished with this.

Our granddaughter came over to help me work in the Kitchen while Mac tackled the front Living Room.


Mac did a little re-arranging before painting:

DSC_0056 DSC_0055

curtains back up on front windows






I guess he is an don't they all sign their work!



He painted the wall and "MAC" still shows through...LOL. Now he has to paint that one again!!!   HA HA HA

and here are some photos of the kitchen cabinets. All that is left in the cabinets are the things we might need while we are still living in the house until the RV gets back.






Now all I have to do is finish packing up all the mess of stuff that is sitting on the kitchen counter. I'm gonna try to leave it out until Teri & Lynnie come this weekend in case they want anything, but I may have to put it in a box and set it on a table in the garage! Not sure I can handle not being able to see the counters for a week!.LOL

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will tackle what needs to be done in the Office so Mac can paint in there and then all we will need to do is finish painting the Family Room...YEAH!!!

Then comes the BASEMENT! I think I will just tell Mac to take my Christmas decorations to the Storage Unit and mark all the rest for the auction! Then we will be done! Hopefully only a couple more weeks if we really push ourselves.

Well, it's time to get back to work and to go and take some more photos of Mac working.

I may try to get into chat later...

Hugs to all!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 3 Back at the House

This is day 3 back in the house after having to take the RV to the dealer for some warranty work. We are not liking this...We were really getting used to being in the RV and that is making it a lot easier to get rid of most of this stuff! We are really motivated!

Mac has been painting. Today he trimmed in the front living room and most of it will be ready to paint tomorrow. Then all we need to do is finish the family room(1/2 of it is already painted) and do the office! YEAH!!!


DSC_0050 DSC_0049

Mac has also been re-arranging packed boxes. We had most of the things for the sale in the front living room and he moved them to the guest bedroom since we are not putting that furniture back in there. The things that go to storage are in the garage on a long table. As of right now, there are only about 5 things or boxes on that table!!!

I took a few photos today out our front door to see how my camera would take photos in the cloudy weather. The trees have really changed and the grass in the yards is finally going dormant.





I have been sorting through stuff in the kitchen today. What to keep..what to get rid of...that is the question...LOL.  We have to keep some stuff for now while we are staying in the house so that we can cook and have things to eat with. But I have gotten rid of a lot of things already and will try to finish the kitchen tomorrow. Two of our daughters, Chris & Teri, have told us a few things that they want so I have either boxed them up or set them to the side. I think Teri & Lynnie will be here next weekend to pick up the things that they are taking. She is taking Mac's grandmother's antique dining table and buffet and a few other things that I have convinced her that she can't live without!

OMG this place is a mess. But I keep telling myself that it will be more than worth it in the long run.

I talked to Chris today to let her know that we wouldn't be able to make it to Amarillo for Thanksgiving this year. This is the first time they have invited us for Thanksgiving but my brother's health is not good and we feel that we should spend it with him this year. Hopefully we can spend it with them next year.

I made homemade Broccoli & Cheese Noodle Soup for supper tonight. I never can make a small batch of that, no matter how I try. Oh well, I will have some tomorrow and then either try to freeze some or send some home with the grandkids. Mac had Ham & Beans with cornbread. I have a hard time with Ham & Beans since my cancer surgery so I usually try to make some other kind of soup for me to have.

I'm gonna watch a little TV tonight and maybe sign on to chat for a while.

Stay tune for what happens tomorrow!!

Hugs to all!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today, On Veteran's Day We Give Thanks...

to these brave men that took time out of their lives to help defend this great country..

Mac's Father:

Kenneth A McHenry

1920 - 1992


Lynette's Father

Claude R Milligan

1923 - 1972

Dad in Uniform

Dad leaning on car Antique

Lynette's Brother:

Jerry E Milligan

1950 -

Jerry in Uniform 18 yrs  Fort Bliss

Jerry in Uniform2

We are also thankful for all the other men and women that are defending our country and the ones that have given their lives so that we can have the freedom that we have.

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Work on the House & Grandgirls Photos

We got up early this morning because we were supposed to take the RV to the dealer today for some work. Mac wanted to re-schedule it for  Thursday or Friday so we could get some more done at the house and have time to move our stuff out of the RV. They said that they may have to keep it for a week or two. WOW. We are not going to like that!

Anyhow, we headed over to the house and Mac started working on the bedroom and Master Bath hoping to get it finished today since we will be moving back. They did a great job!

DSC_0034 (2)

DSC_0038 (2)

DSC_0032 (2)

DSC_0040 (2)



Great job guys!!!

The grandgirls here had their proofs for their school pictures and they didn't like any of them so I told them that we could try out my new camera and see if we could get some good photos and then we could take them to a Kodak Kiosk  or to Kinkos and have some 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 photos printed for them.

Here are a few of the photos that I took:


Natalie for school photo [800x600]

Natalie for school photo5 [800x600]


Justyce for school photo2 [800x600]

Justyce for school photo [800x600]

and Gloria.

Gloria for school photo2 [800x600]

Gloria for school photo [800x600]

I took about 10 of each girl so I would have some to choose from and I think they turned out pretty good for an amateur photographer...LOL

Well I'm gonna get on chat for a bit.

Stay tuned for what happens next!

Hugs to all!