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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Little Painting, a Little Packing...

We got up this morning and headed over to the house about 10:30 this morning to try to get a little more done on the house.

I got several things sorted and boxes packed. Mac on the other hand did a little painting...

100_2094 [800x600]

100_2100 [800x600]

100_2106 [800x600]

100_2107 [800x600]

and clowning around...

100_2111 [800x600]

with granddaughter's Princess hat

and his hat from Mexico!!

100_2112 [800x600] 100_2113 [800x600]

Our daughter's fiance' worked on stripping wallpaper...

100_2108 [800x600]

100_2103 [800x600] 100_2110 [800x600]

and our daughter, Jenni...did what she does best...

100_2104 [800x600]

and I had to take the photos...LOL. But I did get some things accomplished today and will be hard at it again tomorrow! We have packed boxes stacked all over the house....I am so glad that we are staying in the RV so I don't have to live with that mess.

I will take more photos tomorrow!

One thing that I have finally figured out is that staying in the RV like we have been is that we don't need much more in the RV. So I have been very picky about what I am keeping. We are storing some things so we are keeping some clothes, furniture, Christmas stuff, tools, and etc. We plan on eventually building a shed somewhere and maybe finishing part of it into a small apartment.

Our daughter Chris, that lives in Amarillo has invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them this year, but we will have to see how our progress goes on the house, and we take our RV to the dealer on Nov 10th to have some warranty work done and not sure how long it will be there. So we will just have to wait and see.

I sent a text to one of our other daughters, Teri, and told her that she needed to come and get their stuff soon! Hopefully I will hear back from her quickly to let us know when they are coming.

Well, I better finish this so that I can go to bed and be up and ready to work again tomorrow!

Hugs to all!!


Debbie and Rod said...

Looks good, you guys!! Keep up the good work!!

Debbie & Rod

Joe and Sherri said...

Hey work on things the same way I do...laying on the floor. Can't bend over or squat down like I use to. Now I can't even get on my knees anymore...Just got through with insulating and sheetrocking the barn so I am glad that is over with.

Jim and Dee said...

Great job! It will be done and over before you know it you'll have FREEDOM!

Leno said...

Good for you.. but Netters please take it easy..worry about you..