Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garnett & Doctor Appointments

We left Emporia on Monday, May 16th heading to Garnett to take care of some Doctor appointments and check on our house. The travel was nice & quick…only about an hour.

Tuesday, the 17th,  Mac had two doctor appointments scheduled for today. HIs first one was with his Cardiologist’s office. He saw the Nurse Practitioner, Kayla for a checkup and to discuss one of the medications that he is taking. After much discussion, all that was needed was some bloodwork to be done. Mac went down to the lab and got that taken care of right away.

When we left Kansas City, we headed over to Lawrence, KS so Mac could see his Vocal Chord Specialist about the problems that he has been having with his throat. After the scope & photos taken, the doctor assured us that there were no indications of cancer and that he was pretty sure that it was a combination of Acid Reflux and a continued use of his Blood Pressure Medications. He sent a note over to the Cardiologist’s office & Mac called them and they agreed to make a change in that medicine. Whew…we were worried.

It has rained in Garnett almost every day since we got here so we haven’t done a whole lot. We did do some purging in the RV….we ended up taking about 200-lbs of stuff out. WOW.

There have been devastating storms that have passed through the midwest while we have been here. Our cousin & family that live in Joplin lost their house, but the are all fine, thank goodness. My niece that also lives in Joplin was at her other grandmother’s and they are fine. They were about 1/4 of a mile from where the tornado went through. I think I heard on TV that there were about 70 tornados sited in that one week, and 30 something on Sunday, May 22nd when the big one hit Joplin, MO. We really need to get out of tornado alley.

We spent one evening at our Stix house to set out some severe storms that were supposed to come through Garnett with HIgh Winds, Hail, and Heavy Rains. We wanted to put the truck in the garage so we went over and spent about 4 hours over there before returning to the RV. No damage at either places…

Here is an old School House that we pass by on our way to our friends house…if you know me, you’ll know I seem to have an obsession with old buildings & barns.



We also went to dinner with our good friends, Gary & Rosemary Turner a couple of times. Once to Paola for Mexican food and one time to Williamsburg for Ribs.

We also attended a visitation for a friend that passed away while we were there.

Wednesday, the 25th, I had a doctor’s appointment. All went pretty well. Bloodwork looked pretty good. My White Blood count has been really low ever since I went through cancer and chemo and was told by my Oncologist that it might not ever come back up to normal range….well, let me tell you…it DID!! Barely….mine was 4.1 and the lowest normal range is 4.1. I was so glad because it has been running about 3.4 which was pretty low and I seemed to catch everything that went around.

In the afternoon, Mac & I had Eye Doctor appointments. Our eyes had changed just a little but I ordered new lenses for a pair of frames that I already had and Mac ordered a new full set. His spare pair broke last week.

We left Garnett on Friday, May 27th and came back to Emporia, KS for the holiday weekend. Jest so happens that Natalie had a Traveling Team Softball Tournament on Saturday that we decided to go to.

We had to leave Emporia at 7:15am this morning to ho to Council Grove, KS for the games…..that is just too early. We got up about 5:45am…. It was cold and dreary all day long…brrrrr

Our daughter,Jenni


Natalie played good but her team ended up taking 7th. They played 3 games and the 4th the other team forfieted since one of their players got hurt.



Now we are back at the RV..warming up and watching TV. We will be here in Emporia until Tuesday morning when we leave here to go to Kingman, KS to see our daughter Teri and her family…another kid & grandkid fix!!!

Stay tuned…


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amarillo by morning….then on to Waynoka and Emporia….

We stopped in Cedar Crest, NM for an overnight stay…and we were parked right next to our good friends, Keith & Donna Green. They were visiting the area and had to have some repair work done on their tow setup.

We went to dinner together and had a nice meal a great conversation. We hadn’t seen them since they left Yuma in March.



We were having a few tire issues and weren’t sure if we would be able to get out of Cedar Creston Tuesday morning, but Mac checked out everything and we were good to go. He decided that he would have the tires fixed in Amarillo.




The trip was pretty un-eventful and we arrived in Amarillo mid afternoon at the Oasis RV Resort off of I-40 west of Amarillo. We like to stay here because it is an easy off and on from I-40 and it isn’t too far from the kids house.

Dusty & Chris gave me my birthday present when they came out….it is a pretty little firepot.


Wednesday evening Chris & Dusty had a Texturing party at their house….lol Dusty & Shane did the Texturing and Mac cooked dinner…Christie, Wendy, and I watched….

Thursday evening we went to Ruby Tequila’s for Cinco de Mayo…..we had a great dinner and a couple of Margarita’s….

We really enjoyed our time with the kids…Chris & I went for a pedicure on Friday afternoon…it was great to spend a nice relaxing afternoon with her.

Saturday we just kind of hung out and then had dinner with Chris & Dusty at a place called Coyote Bluff Cafe…this place was a little dive, but the Cheeseburgers were wonderful!

Coyote Bluff with Dusty

Coyote Bluff

Coyote Bluff Bathtub Cooler

Chris and Dusty

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we were invited over to Dusty & Chris’ for dinner. Dusty was cooking for all of us. We had a great dinner and they gave me a nice plant…we’ll see if I can keep it alive!


Monday, was our last day in Amarillo. We met our friends Jim & Ellie for lunch at Jason’s Deli. We hadn’t seen them since last year in Defeated Creek in October. We had a great visit and got all caught up. Hope to meet up with them somewhere in Colorado on our way north to Cody, WY


Monday evening we got together with the kids after they got off work and went to Blue Sky for dinner. Great Cheeseburgers and fries!. We went back to their house and visited for awhile, and then it was time to say our goodbyes. We are going to really miss them but we will see them again in November!

They have been working on their kitchen…gutting it, texturing the walls, painting, and getting ready for the new cabinets to be finished and delivered. I can’t wait to see photos of the finished job!



Tuesday morning we were up and on the road about 10:30 and heading north east to my sister & brother-in-law’s in Waynoka, OK for 3 nights. The trip was nice and enjoyable.




Lyvonne had taken 2 days off of work so we could spend more time together. We had a great time together. We all had dinner at El Charro and it was really good. Wednesday we just kind of hung out and visited.

Thursday, Mac, Lyvonne, and I had Mexican for lunch…yummy. After lunch when our food had settled, we went over to Carlson’s shop. They own an ATV & Buggy Shop. They rent them out for people to go to The Little Sahara State Park and ride the dunes. He also repairs buggies, sells accessories and much more!

We took two Razr’s out to the Little Sahara for some time on the Dunes. We had a great time! I think Carlson has created a demon in Mac…He loved it.






Friday morning we were up and on our way to Emporia, KS for the weekend to see Jenni & the kids. We had a nice and quiet drive. I am back in the Midwest…I can see old Barns…I guess I’m obsessed with these old things.




Jenni, Clyde, and Gloriana came out for a visit also. We went to the Chinese Restaurant for dinner…It was just barely ok…

Natalie’s dad brought her out to the RV to spend the weekend with us after her school dance.

Saturday, we all spent the day together and I made Chili and homemade Cinnamon rolls for dinner. We watched a couple of movies.

Today, Mac, Natalie & I are just hanging out at the RV….


We will be  having sandwiches and left over Chili today…I am not cooking…lol


Tomorrow, we will leave here and go to Garnett for Doctor appointments. Mac has appointments in Kansas City and Lawrence and I have one in Garnett….what we find out will determine on when we will be leaving Garnett….

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Painted Desert and The Petrified Forest & Dinner with John & Sandy

On Saturday, we were up and out the door on our way to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and looked around. We also took in the film.




We got back in the truck and started out 28 mile trip through the Park….

The views were amazing…I’ll just let some photos tell the story…






and this is called Newspaper Rock…there are lots of Pictographs on this rock..enlarge the photos to see them better…





and then we were off again…








lots of petrified wood laying around everywhere.








It was a wonderful afternoon. We got back to Holbrook and went to pick up John & Sandy for dinner at Romo’s Mexican Restaurant…..yummy, the food was wonderful!


Didn’t get any photos of all of us together.

Today has been a day of catching up on our blog and getting things ready to travel tomorrow. John, Sandy, and Koko stopped by to visit and we had our goodbye hugs.

We are going to Tijeras, NM for an overnight stay. Keith & Donna will be close bye so we may get to have dinner with them tomorrow & a short visit.

Stay Tuned!!