Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ….and the Homolovi Ruins

On Thursday we left Williams, AZ and our next destination was Holbrook, AZ for the weekend. The trip was un-eventful.

We got all set up and John, Sandy, and Koko stopped by for a short visit. We visited for a while and then made plans to meet for dinner on Saturday evening.

Friday, we were going to Winslow, AZ but we took a slight detour in Holbrook. We wanted to go by the Wigwam Motel. There are several Wigwams with classic cars sitting out front.



We passed by a closed business that had a few Volkswagon’s that had been customized….



and then this very skinny one with a lawn chair for the front seat…lol


Mac & I headed to Winslow AZ. We wanted to see the Statue that is dedicated to all musicians and it’s from the Eagles tune “Take it Easy”

The first thing we saw was this wooden sculpture. The Totem is done by the renowned Wood Sculptor Peter “Wolf” Toth. He has traveled all 50 states and has made totems in each state as a Tribute to Honor all Native Americans.


Then we headed downtown….




and of course Mac had to stand by the girl in the Flatbed Ford



Well, that’s about all there is to Winslow, Az.

We started back towards Holbrook and we saw a sign that showed and exit to the Homolovi Ruins State Park, so we decided “What the Heck” and took the exit. We went to the visitor’s center and looked around…





and then headed out in search of the ruins. They have two different sets of ruins….Homolovi Ruins I and Homolovi Ruins II. We were closer to the Homolovi Ruins II so we headed there first.






way down there is our truck…



We left there and headed to the Ruins I but we were too late, the gate was closed.

We sure had a great day for my “Birthday”. We finished the evening with a dinner out and then back to the RV….

Plans for Saturday are a trip to The Painted Desert & The Petrified Forest…..

Stay tuned…


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1 comment:

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Wow...we were just there last month to all those places. (seems like just yesterday) ....

Just a few miles north of those ruins is another little county park in a smaller version of the "Painted Dessert" that just JUMPS out from the open plains!

And south of Winslow is a FREE campground on a reservoir that we marked on our map to go to next time. (we were waiting four days on repairs in downtown Winslow and could not leave the parkinglot with the engine torn apart)

So nice to see your pics of everything!