Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garnett in our Rearview Mirror

I know, I know…I always start out my post with an excuse. But I have a good reason this time…lol

We returned to Garnett and got all set up. We were here to get all of our doctor’s appointments and test done so that we could take off for the winter. Our tests took us the whole 2 weeks and we were cleared to take off.

One nice thing that happened while we were home was a luncheon date with Paul & Mary. We met them on Monday the 8th at Oklahoma Joe’s for some BBQ. The food was good but the company was fabulous. Sorry,I forgot my camera so no photos..

On Tuesday morning we were up and on the road headed to Kingman, Ks to see Teri & family. We arrived in Kingman about 2:30 and to our dismay the RV Park was full…Now this is the only place in Kingman with full hookups. We finally drove out to the Fairgrounds and found a camping spot for the night with 30amp electric only. That’s not bad for just one night…good thing Mac put about 10 gallons of water in the RV. We visited with the kids and grandkids for awhile, and then they had a Sports Banquet to go to. They called afterwards and we went back over for a little while.

On Wednesday morning we were on the road to Ulysses to see more kids and grandkids, plus Mac’s sister and family.

We always drive by these Metal Art Sculptures on the way to Ulysses and I thought I would share a few with you. These are lined up just west of Mullinville, KS  along Highway 400.




We saw this big flock of birds…kinda like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”….



Also we found out that JB & Brenda were making a detour to come to Ulysses to see us!! YEAH!! We pulled in to the RV Park in Ulysses and had just started setting up when we looked up….


and there they were!   And here are Brenda & I limping to give each other a big hug!


We visited with JB  &Brenda for a while and then headed out for a late lunch at El Ranchito with JB & Brenda, Linda, Dana, Jaelynn and Teri. Had a great lunch and then spent some time visiting with the kids and Linda. Later in the evening we went over to Linda’s to see them, Troy, Dana, Teri, and Cory. Had a great time visiting and talking about older days…

Thursday we took JB & Brenda on a tour of Ulysses and the county. There’s not a lot to see in Grant County unless you like farm land, Gas Companies or Feed Lots.


I hope he at least got a photo to put on his blog…lol. They treated us to lunch at the 620 Grille…JB had the Chicken Fry, and said that was the first one he had ever had.

We spent part of the evening visiting with JB & Brenda in their Motorhome. It was so nice that they detoured through Ulysses to come and see us!! Hopefully we will see them again this winter in the southwest.

Friday morning we said farewell to JB & Brenda….they had to start making their way toward McKinney, TX where they are having new blinds installed on their Motorhome.




We had our see ya later hugs with promises to see each other soon…


and then they were gone.

Mac wasn’t feeling very well so we just went in to the RV. We were supposed to attend a party on Friday evening but Mac got progressively worse as the day went on. I ran to the store and then over to Linda’s to help with some suggestions on party decorations. I got home about 2 hours later and he was really sick. So we cancelled out on the party. Crystal & Samantha brought me some dinner…thanks so much girls! About midnight or so, I started feeling bad….ohhh no! Oh yes, we both had a bought of the 24 hour flu.

Mac was better on Saturday and went and had a dinner with Troy, Dana, Teri, Samantha, Ryan, and Jaden at El Ranchito! Not fair at all…I missed my Chito fix! We always eat there at least twice, but I only got once this trip. Sorry no photos, I was in bed with the flu…

Today we have been pretty laid back. Both recovered. Mac went and washed the truck to prepare for travel tomorrow. We also went to the cemetary and placed flowers in the vases on Jerry’s, Trey’s, and mom & dad’s graves.

Afterwards we went over to Linda & Phil’s to visit and watched a little NASCAR and football.

Tomorrow we head to Plains, KS for a few days with Dana & family.

Stay tuned….