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Gate Guarding

Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Week….

This week has been really busy…We got back to Garnett on Friday and settled in to our RV site at the Garnett Inn Suites RV Park that will be home for a few weeks. Saturday & Sunday we just rested, made plans for the house, and packed up some boxes.



We found out that some good friends of ours, Randy & Terry Guiler, were at Fort Riley visiting their son and daughter – in –law and were heading home to PA on Monday. We made arrangements to meet them in Lawrence for breakfast at Ihop Monday morning.


100_2833 [800x600]

100_2836 [800x600]

We had such a great visit and did a lot of catching up…too bad we didn’t have longer but they were headed home and needed to get on the road. So after about 1 –1/2 hours we said our see ya later and they took off headed east and we headed back to Garnett…


After getting back to Garnett I had a doctors appointment for a check on my toe. I had surgery on it back the first part of June and it hasn’t been healing like I thought it should. I was sure it was infected…sure enough! Doctor started me on some antibiotics. Finished all of my tests but one and will have to have it when we come back in October…

We have been working on the house and are just about finished…whew! We are exhausted! We finished with everything inside the house on Thursday.

100_2845 [800x600]

100_2847 [800x600]

The carpet cleaner was there on Friday to clean all the carpets…That sure gave us a lift of spirits…We also hired a couple of ladies to come and clean the house and windows on Tuesday and then it will be ready to show!! YEAH!!

Now Mac has some  yard work to do and then we just wait for the auction dated to get here.

I have spent the day today working on the things, cleaning, and Mac has been doing laundry and doing a little cooking…

I think we are on the downstretch…


only one week from today until the auction and we will see if the house sells or we keep it listed with the Realtor..Wish us luck…we are gonna need it!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July, 23rd Ozark, MO to Garnett, KS

We were up and on the road fairly early today. We only have about 4-1/2 hours to go on this last leg of our trip home. The trip was uneventful with only a couple of stops for fuel. Shadow took it all in stride and just rolled over and took a nap…lol


We took  state highway 14 to hwy 160 to Springfield, MO and to I-44 west to hwy96 to Carthage, MO.


Then we turned north on Hwy 71 to Nevada, Mo.





At Nevada, we got on Hwy 54 west through Fort Scott, KS.


We even saw a Tin Man in front of this Store


We passed this RV Park…Mac checked it out a few months ago and spoke to the owner. He only has about 10 –12 sites but he has made it very nice and there is also a lake.





We took Hwy 3 at Bronson, KS because Mac didn’t want to follow a couple of trucks hauling some huge I-Beams. From there we turned west on Hwy 31 to Hwy 59 in to Garnett…whew..



We made it to the RV Park about 2:00 and got set up in our old site.




As I have said before, this park doesn’t have the “it” factor…no amenities…but for us it is perfect. The sites are nice with a small grass front yard, picnic table, and grill. The people are very friendly, and with Passport America it only costs us $12.50 per day +tax.

After getting set up we were off to the house to get started…we worked for about 2 hours. The house will be completely empty in a couple of days. We made arrangements to have the carpet cleaned on the 30th. We also are going to have someone come in and clean it from top to bottom because I just won’t have the time to get it done.

I think that catches me up to the weekend, and now I will only post a couple of times a week since we will be doing the same thing everyday…lol


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arkansas, Thursday, July 22nd

We were up and ready to leave pretty early this morning. We didn’t even unhook the RV from the truck last night. We maneuvered around the construction and got on 63 headed toward Springfield and then to Ozark, MO for the night.







We passed through several small towns and had a very nice drive. Very pretty country.



We made a couple of fuel and food stops.We took a shortcut around Springfield on a county road to Ozark, MO and Stage Stop RV Park. This park is just a gravel parking lot, but $20.00 a night and right behind Lambert’s Cafe made it good for us…lol. We didn’t unhook the RV from the truck again today, but got things set up and the RV level.

After cooling off, we headed over to Lambert’s for dinner. I had my usual, Chicken Fried Steak, and Mac had the Hot Beef Sandwich. Both were very good!.


This is what we took back to the RV for leftovers…



Back at the RV we just watched some TV and got online for awhile. Turned in early….tomorrow is our last travel day for awhile….


Tennessee, Wednesday, July 21st

We were up early getting things ready for our travel day to West Memphis, AR, and an overnight stay at Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV Park. Lisa & Tony came over for hugs & goodbyes.



We were on the road by 9:30 headed west toward Nashville…our trip was uneventful but seemed like it took a LONG time…we passed through Nashville with no problems…




made a few stops for fuel, food, and potty breaks…





finally we got to Memphis about  the start of rush hour…uggh.. and then after working around road construction we arrived at Tom Sawyer’s. This is a nice park right on the Mississippi. We had a pull-thru site right on the river. We watched barges going up and down the river.





It was nice for an overnight or a short stay, but overnight, a terrible odor overcame us even made it  into the RV…not sure where it came from but it was so bad that it made me ill just breathing. Not much sleep going on until early morning. We were up and outta there Thursday morning pretty early so that we could make it to Ozark, MO by mid afternoon.


Tennessee, Tuesday, July 20th

We were up and no special plans made except to see a little more of the area. We headed over to Tony & Lisa’s to see if they had any suggestions. We were going to drive today.



We decided to go over to Dale Hollow Fish Hatchery and look around that area. I was going to see if I qualified for an Access Pass for Parks. I have a Handicap hanger for the truck because of nerve damage in my leg from a back surgery years ago…







Our next home…


Well with having my wallet card, I did qualify! I signed a couple of forms and walked out with my new card…we left there and just drove through more countryside talking about things that we could do while everyone is at Defeated in October. This is such pretty country, I could never get tired of looking around. But, it is really hot and humid…that I could do without…LOL.





We stopped in Celina at a little diner for was really good! The best Coconut Cream Pie I have had in a long time. I was going to save it until the evening and have it for dinner, but sorry to say it never made it out of the parking lot…LOL.





Old Tobacco Barns are everywhere…


and Tobacco Crops were few…


We got back to the park and Mac & I needed to make a WalMart run. After that we visited with Tony & Lisa for a while then headed to the RV to start getting things ready for travel.


We have had such a great time here in TN with Tony & Lisa..and meeting Tez, their adopted son. He is such a nice and polite guy…he is getting ready to take his tests to go into the service and become a Marine. Also, little Rick…he is so cute and is on the go all the time…typical 3 year old. He sure tests Lisa’s patience sometimes..LOL.


Can’t wait to come back in October for a longer stay. I think we may have some day trips in store for all of us campers…

Stay tuned….