Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunday July 18th Travel to Defeated Creek COE

We were up early on Sunday morning getting things put away to get started on our trip from Nashville to Defeated Creek COE in Carthage, TN. We had special cargo along with us for our trip. Arlene gave these 2 little cuties to us. Our great friends in Boerne, TX Class Rally sent these with Arlene to give to Mac & I after we had to leave early this spring. Thanks everyone…Love Ya!!


The trip was uneventful but the scenery was beautiful. Traveling through TN and the hills were really pretty.






The View from our site


and out our back window…





We arrived at Defeated Creek about 3:00 and sent Lisa a message to let her know that we had arrived. Soon after, her and Tony arrived at our site to welcome us. We visited for about an hour before they had to take off to get ready for their son Rick’s 3rd birthday party.


We went over to their site about 6pm for dinner and the party. There were several people there and we were introduced…I’m sure I will not remember all the names so I will just add some photos…



Rick had a great time at the party and got several gifts.



We visited for a while and then headed back to our site. Lisa came over later after Tony went to work and the boys were asleep and we visited for a long time before she headed back to her RV. We said our goodnights and went to bed because we have a day out planned for Monday. Lisa and Tony will be showing us around their little piece of heaven in TN.

((( HUGS)))

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Kathy and Robert said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and I love the pics! Hillbilly Robert is "diggin" the overalls..LOL