Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Last Day at Sedalia

Well, it is Sunday, May 31st and our last day in Sedalia. We didn't have any plans for the day except to use one of the gift Certificates that Mac had won as a door prize. We went to Denny's about 11:45am for lunch and he had a free meal and I had a coupon for 20% off of my total. I had a Club Sandwich and Mac had a T-Bone & Shrimp. It was ok.

We stopped at Big Lots on the way back to the RV and I ran in to pick up a couple things we needed. After we got back to the RV, I did a load of wash. I am sure glad that we opted for the washer & dryer. I can use them anytime and sometimes wait until bedtime to run the dryer.

We just kind of lazed around the RV this afternoon and watched the race. After the race, we went for a drive and checked out Clover Dell Lake. Sorry, no photos. Not much there except a lot of soccer fields and a small lake.

We stopped at Colton's Steakhouse for dinner tonight. Boy, we really need to get home so that we can get back to our normal way of eating. We both had Country Fried Steaks with smashed potatoes and home made rolls. The food was delicious.

Coltons Steakhouse

Now we are back at the RV for the night. I took some photos today of the campground now that almost everyone has left. There are only us and one motorhome left...quiet here.





I also took a few photos of the cool sunset over the campground...

Sunset over Campground

Sunset over campground2

Sunset over campground4

We should be home tomorrow early afternoon, then it is back to the real world. I have to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. I don't want to go home...I just want to take off and go to some new

Hugs to all...We miss you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday as a Tourist in Sedalia

Saturday we played tourist. First we went to "Wheel on In" a 50's diner type restaurant for lunch. Mac had a "Guber Burger" which is made with 2 patties of ground beef, cheese,mayo, peanut butter, lettuce, tomato, and onions. YUCK! I just had the regular cheeseburger and curly fries. It was great!. Mac said his was good but definitely different!  lol

We left there headed for Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site north of Sedalia. Here is a little history:

"Sitting atop a 120-foot bluff, bothwell Lodge can't be missed by travelers heading north on Highway 65. The castlelike building was constructed between 1897 and 1928 for a prominent Sedalia Lawyer, John HOmer Bothwell. Bothwell Lodge was built in 4 sections on top of three natural caves, using native rock fro the estate grounds. the 12,000 square foot lodge, of the Arts & Crafts movement was a getaway for Bothwell and his friends."

They offer a tour of the 31 room lodge but there was a tour in progress and would be about 45 minutes before the next one and we didn't want to just sit around and wait so we took photos from the outside and headed on down the road.

Bothwell Lodge Historical Site Sign

Bothwell Lodge from highway1

from the highway

Bothwell Lodge closeup3

overlooking the highway

Bothwell Lodge Back1

the back side

Bothwell info board4

Bothwell info board1

Bothwell info Board3

Bothwell infor Board2

Bothwell Lodge looking down from balcony

Looking down from the balcony...Yikes! I am afraid of heights!

Next we headed toward the Katy Trail Depot. We arrived at 3:45 and they were already closed. So no photos on the inside of it either.

 Katy Depot1

Katy Depot2

KAty Depot3

Sedalia was also home to Scott Joplin and the Ragtime music he created. Scott Joplin was a black man who moved from Texas to Sedalia, Missouri to attend college here. A pretty amazing story for the 1860s. The Scott Joplin festival is visited by people the world over. It starts next week, just a little too late for us to stick around.  Here is a mural painted in downtown Sedalia dedicated to Scott Joplin.
Scott Joplin Mural

Sedalia is also famous for a rock concert that rivaled Woodstock! Called the Ozark Music Festival, attendance estimates go as high as 350,000! With performances by Jefferson Starship, Eagles, and Marshall Tucker Band among many others, the main attraction was the hippie culture that took over the Missouri State Fairgrounds for four days in July of 1974. Here is a link to a website that will tell all about the Festival.

Ozark Music Festival

Here is one picture from the aftermath of the Music Festival .


This is the same place where we have been staying for the last week...Wow

We went out to dinner tonight at Ryan's. It was the worst meal I have ever eaten at a Ryan's Restaurant. We left there and I had Mac take me to Baskin Robbin's since I didn't eat desert at the restaurant. I got 2 scoops of sugar-free Chocolate Truffle & caramel ice cream. OMG! it was so good. lol

I'm gonna leave you with a couple of photos that one of our friends took the other day when it was raining. He was up on one of the buildings, I think overlooking our campground..

campers in the rain 

campers in the rain2

Not sure what we will be doing on Sunday, but we will still be in Sedalia. Not leaving until Monday morning...

Hugs to all & wish you were here!!!

Friday at Sedalia

Netters Badges

Today we had our farewell breakfast with some of our old and new friends at McDonald's. We talked and exchanged cards and destinations. It has been great meeting all these new people and seeing old friends.

Breakfast McDonalds1

Breakfast McDonalds2

Breakfast McDonalds4

Breakfast McDonalds8

Breakfast McDonalds7

Breakfast McDonalds9

After breakfast we went back to the RV and then watched some of our new friends having to be towed out by wreckers. WOW...some of them were charged $200.00-$300.00 and others used their Roadside Assistance Policy.  Joe and Marcia drove their MH right out of their site while Rich & Mary, and Jay & Faye had to have theirs towed. Mac ended up towing about 4-5 people & rigs out today..Saved them some money.

The remaining ones of our group decided to meet at El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant for Dinner at 6pm. The food was great but the company was sooo much better! Mac ordered something called a "Torpedo" and it was supposed to be really spicy. Well, it was and at times was making his eyes water and sweat

Mac with eyes watering

Here are some photos of the group.





Keith and Donna decided during that they were going to leave and head south. They had to have their MH towed out of their site earlier in the day. They would drive for a while and then just pull over to rest. They headed out and stopped somewhere between here and Branson for the night.

Randy & Terry Guiler are leaving on Saturday morning headed to Branson and Bob & Molly are headed to Hannibal, Mo.

We are staying until Sunday or Monday morning just to make sure everything is dried out enough for us not to have any problems getting out of our site. We don't want to have to pay someone to get us out!. Mac says it won't be a problem.

Stay tuned for Saturday's adventures as we are going to play

Hugs! Wish you were here!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday at Sedalia

Mud, Mud, and more Mud...


It is gonna be hard to get these RV's out of here unless the sun stays out and it dries out a little bit. We may be here forever!!

We didn't have any seminars until 1pm today so we got up and had some breakfast so we wouldn't have to eat again until supper tonight. We left the RV and went over to the Hospitality Room to see what was happening today and to drop our tickets into the drawing box for today's drawing.

Mac took off for a seminar on Boondocking and I headed to the seminar on Workamping. Both were great seminars and gave us a lot of information. We have been subscribing to the Workamper News for several months now and just looking at the ads to see what is available out there for us that want to do some workamping. It is not something that I would want to do all the time, but it might be ok once in a while for a free camping site.

After the seminars, we went to the Closing Ceremony for the Rally. Of course we didn't win the Grand Prize, but that was ok since Mac won the door prize the first night.

After the ceremony we headed back to the RV for a little while before meeting everyone for dinner at the King Chef Buffet. We invited Randy & Terry to join all of us and they did. It was a great buffet but way too many selections.

Chinese Thursday2

Terry, Keith, Mac, Donna, and Randy

Chinese Thursday3

Jay, Beth ,Red(the Too Crazy Ladies) and Fay

Chinese Thursday4

Tom Paula, Greg, Marcia, Jean, Patti and Hank


and Mac's Ice cream

Jay as Elvis

and I will leave you with a photo of Jay at the Pet Parade with Lulu dressed as Elvis and Peggie Sue. Lulu got cut out of the photo...oops

Stay tuned for Friday's adventures in Sedalia....


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday in Sedalia

We need to start building our Ark. We may not ever be able to get home!!! It just keeps raining.

This morning we were off to some Seminars. We went to a program put on about B-2 Stealth bombers. Awesome! We also went to one on Workamping, and one on cooking in a Dutch Oven outdoors. We also went to the Craft Show.

We had decided to go and eat at a local Mexican food restaurant called Patricia's. My Chicken Fajitas were really good and Mac had Southwest Steak Tacos and they were good also(I had to share) lol Here are a few photos of our dinner with Keith & Donna, Bob & Molly, and some of the class of 2007.

Group dinner2

Gregg, Keith, Joe, and Donna

Group dinner3

Greg, Jay Fay and the back of Jean

Group dinner5

Bob, Molly, Jean, Greg, Jay, and Fay

Group dinner7

Gregg, Keith, Marcia, Paula, and Tom.

After dinner we headed back to the campground to get ready for the door prize drawings(we didn't win) and then then Entertainment for the evening. It was Ham-O-Rama. Escapees Club members showed off their talent.

Here are a couple of photos. Ham o Rama2

Ham o Rama3

and a few more photos of the campground. At last count there were a little over 800 RV's here.



We are back at the RV and reading blogs and I am trying to upload photos and write this blog. I have a lot more photos of the fairgrounds and campground but will post those when we get home, if we ever get out of this soggy campground.

We are signed up for a couple more seminars tomorrow and then I think we will go do some Tourist things....

until tomorrow! We miss you and wish you were here!