Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday at Sedalia

Netters Badges

Today we had our farewell breakfast with some of our old and new friends at McDonald's. We talked and exchanged cards and destinations. It has been great meeting all these new people and seeing old friends.

Breakfast McDonalds1

Breakfast McDonalds2

Breakfast McDonalds4

Breakfast McDonalds8

Breakfast McDonalds7

Breakfast McDonalds9

After breakfast we went back to the RV and then watched some of our new friends having to be towed out by wreckers. WOW...some of them were charged $200.00-$300.00 and others used their Roadside Assistance Policy.  Joe and Marcia drove their MH right out of their site while Rich & Mary, and Jay & Faye had to have theirs towed. Mac ended up towing about 4-5 people & rigs out today..Saved them some money.

The remaining ones of our group decided to meet at El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant for Dinner at 6pm. The food was great but the company was sooo much better! Mac ordered something called a "Torpedo" and it was supposed to be really spicy. Well, it was and at times was making his eyes water and sweat

Mac with eyes watering

Here are some photos of the group.





Keith and Donna decided during that they were going to leave and head south. They had to have their MH towed out of their site earlier in the day. They would drive for a while and then just pull over to rest. They headed out and stopped somewhere between here and Branson for the night.

Randy & Terry Guiler are leaving on Saturday morning headed to Branson and Bob & Molly are headed to Hannibal, Mo.

We are staying until Sunday or Monday morning just to make sure everything is dried out enough for us not to have any problems getting out of our site. We don't want to have to pay someone to get us out!. Mac says it won't be a problem.

Stay tuned for Saturday's adventures as we are going to play

Hugs! Wish you were here!!!


Anonymous said...

We have made it home. Safe Travels.

Kpoppa & Nonna

Bob and Molly said...

Netters, I really enjoy your blog....and it was great spending time with you and Mac this week! Ya'll travel safe and we'll see you in Ohio, Mexico, Texas...etc...etc!!! Big Hugs! M&B