Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Great Week in Arizona

Monday morning we were waiting for Keith & Donna Green to arrive to be our neighbors for a couple of weeks. They arrived around noon but before even setting up told us that they were going to have to fly back to Lufkin, TX because Keith’s mother wasn’t doing very good and had asked for him. They got all set up, made a few arrangements, and we were all off to lunch at Parrish’s. We enjoyed our lunch a caught up a little with each other.

After lunch we took Keith & Donna to a private company that charter’s planes. They wanted to get home as soon as possible because things didn’t look good for Keith’s mother.

Here they are boarding their plane and taking off….



The plane that they were flying home in



and they were off….


Keith’s mother passed away on Tuesday morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family at this very sad time. They will be flying back to Yuma on Saturday evening and we will pick them up at the airport.

Monday evening we had a get together at Kevin & Arlene’s and Donnie & Karen’s site for Happy Hour and Mac was going to cook Fajita’s. We were a little late and Happy Hour was in full swing…Mac got the fajita’s started and we set around visiting with friends Fred & Jo Wishie, Jesse & Ginger, Kevin & Arlene, and Donnie & Karen. The fajita’s were awesome and the conversation was wonderful!!





Tuesday we just hung out at the RV most of the day just relaxing.

Wednesday, we met some friends, Phyllis & Bob, Don & Angela, Donnie & Karen, and Kevin & Arlene for lunch at Burgers & Beer. Thanks Phyllis for organizing this little get together. We had a great time and some good food!

Thursday, Mac, myself & Arlene went out to the “Arizona Marketplace” Flea Market. We took our time browsing the isles of merchandise but didn’t find much that we needed. We took a break and set down for a quick lunch. After leaving we took Arlene home and then Mac & I drove around for a little while and then stopped for some ice cream…lol

Today, we took some things to the Salvation Army that I had taken out of the closet. I need to do some more sorting, but that is for another day.

After that we stopped at Parrish’s for a late lunch. Mac had a Club Sandwich & I had a BLT. Wow they were both very very good. Mac said it was the best Club he has ever ate.

I have been needing a hair cut but not sure where to go so we visited a few Salons so I could get a Business card and ask a few questions. I think I know which one to go to and now just need to call for an appointment.

We ran by Kevin & Arlene’s to visit with them for a little while. Donnie & Karen had ran over to Quartzsite to do a little 4-wheeling and weren’t there.

It has been very nice here in Yuma this week with sunshine and temps in the 70’s…woohoo!!

Tomorrow we will pick up Keith & Donna at the airport, and Sunday Bob & Molly will be arriving in Yuma.

Business is gonna pick up here in Yuma…stay tuned!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mexico, Friends, and a Trip to the Dentist

Friday morning we were up and getting ready to join some friends for a trip to Algodones, Mexico for the day.

We headed over to Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen’s lot so we could all caravan. We were picking up another vehicle with Jesse & Ginger in it so they could follow us.

Once we got to the parking lot on the US side we had to walk across the border into Mexico. We didn’t have to cross a bridge and there was not charge to cross over here like we did last year in Progresso.


I was very surprised to not see a large Military appearance. There were several police in vehicles though.

The streets here are a lot cleaner and there are a lot more Pharmacies, Dentists, and overall shopping venues.


Karen & I went to the Optometrist office with Arlene so she could look at glasses. They didn’t have a good style of lenses, so she decided to just go to one in Yuma.


We left there and met the guys and Ginger for lunch. They had already found the “good” Margaritas…lol. The food was okay…not the best I have eaten.




After lunch we shopped a little while and bought some really pretty Stained Glass Windows for our RV’s and another one for LeAnn.

Kevin & Arlene’s


Gene & LeAnn’s


and ours


After it was installed


Then Mac & I decided to find the Dentist office that some friends had recommended. We were in luck and they could work us in for an initial checkup. I was impressed with the office and the professionalism of the doctors. Mac needs a bridge and I need 3 bridges, a filling, and a few other crowns. The prices were very good and we were told that they only use the highest quality of crowns unlike some of the other offices. We will be calling to make appointments to have some of the work done while we are here.

We met up with out friends to go back across the border and a stop at the Quechan Casino for a little gambling. Mac and I did pretty good today. I left with $95.00 more than I started with and Mac left with $72.00 more than he started with.

On the way back to Yuma Mac suggested that we make a stop at Da Boyz Italian Eatery for some Pasta so I gave Kevin & Arlene a call. They were right in front of us on the Interstate. We met and had a nice relaxing and wonderful meal.

Then off to the RV to relax…wow did I ever give my knee a workout today.

Today we were slow getting up and around. I have an ear ache and just feel kinda yucky. Had Mac put drops in my ear and just kinda laid around.3

Chatted with Teri via Texting. It was good to catch up with her. I need to call Chris tomorrow and also try get talk to Dana and Jenni. We need to try to stay up to date with the kids & Grandkids while we are so far away.

Karen called and said to come over for some of the left over meat that we smoked. She had taken the meat off the bones and made it into BBQ for sandwiches. We headed over and had a sandwich and then went to DQ to get a buy one get one free Blizzard with Kevin & Arlene.

Tomorrow is gonna be a laid back day. Hopefully I feel better.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enjoying our time in Yuma

The last couple of weeks have just flown by. This is such a laid back area and we have really enjoyed it here.

We are really enjoying our time here whether it be just hanging around our RV or spending time with our friends.

We have had a few Happy Hours with Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen, went out to dinner a few times, and went to the Indoor & Outdoor Flea Markets.

Friday night we went to the Cocopah Casino with Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen for their Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet and to do a little gambling. Mac, Karen, and Donnie all left with more than they started with…Arlene & I didn’t….lol

Mac smoked some ribs here yesterday and we had 4 couple come and join us for dinner. They supplied the sides and dessert to go along with the meal. Everything was wonderful.



Kevin & Arlene, Donnie & Karen, Bob & Phyllis and we finally got to meet Angela from our chatroom and her husband Don. They are from British Columbia.




Great food, but the company and conversation were wonderful!

Today is our grandson, Ryan’s 16th birthday…Happy Birthday Ryan…we love you!!

We were up early(for us) and on the road to Quartzite for the day.

The scenery was awesome…wonder what this guy was doing????


We drove for quite a while through the US Army Yuma Proving Ground…


WOW..Quartzite was hopping. There were booths and little stands set up everywhere selling all kinds of things.


RV’s setting in RV Parks and a zillion of them Boondocking out in the desert.



We made a stop at McDonald’s in Quartzite for a friend of mine, LeAnn, who thought her cousin worked there. She sure did and we talked to her for a few minutes and I took a photo of her with my phone of her waving to LeAnn and I posted it on Facebook for LeAnn to see. What a small world.

Our main reason for the trip to Quartzite today was to attend the Escapee’s Happy Hour and to see a lot of our friends that we hadn’t seen for quite some time. It was great to catch up with them even though the time was short. Kevin & Arlene & Donnie & Karen also joined the Happy Hour. We got to see Keith & Donna, Bob & Molly, Ken & Cindy, Denny & Susie Orr, JB & Brenda, Howie & Norah, and we finally got to meet Mike and Janna.



It was a great couple of hours, but all too soon…as the sun was setting over Quartzite we were on the road back to Yuma…




Tomorrow we are getting together with Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen to finish up the left over ribs…yummy…

and Friday…maybe a trip to Mexico is in order.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We arrived in Yuma on Dec 23rd and got all settled in to our lot for the winter…we have just been enjoying the cool temps and the beautiful views of the mountains.

Congratulations to our nephew, Cory and his new bride, Timberli, who were married on New Year’s Eve in Austin, TX. May you be blessed with a lifetime of love and a wonderful family.

I have been very remiss on taking any photos. I just have not been feeling up to par since we got here. I think yesterday was the first day that I can say that I felt almost like normal. Must be the weather…lol

We have played cards a couple of nights this week and I have won 3 out of 6 games…woohoo!





We have decided that we really like this area. We were afraid that we wouldn’t like the desert look, but where we are staying in a private lot it seems more like home. We go out our door and can look out at the Mountains…that is an awesome view.

We have been out to dinner a few times, and went to the Moose Lodge a couple of times.

Tomorrow if the weather cooperates we will go to the Indoor Market and then maybe to the RV Show. Next week over to Mexico for the day…

but most of the time we will be spending our time recharging and just relaxing here in Yuma.