Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mexico, Friends, and a Trip to the Dentist

Friday morning we were up and getting ready to join some friends for a trip to Algodones, Mexico for the day.

We headed over to Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen’s lot so we could all caravan. We were picking up another vehicle with Jesse & Ginger in it so they could follow us.

Once we got to the parking lot on the US side we had to walk across the border into Mexico. We didn’t have to cross a bridge and there was not charge to cross over here like we did last year in Progresso.


I was very surprised to not see a large Military appearance. There were several police in vehicles though.

The streets here are a lot cleaner and there are a lot more Pharmacies, Dentists, and overall shopping venues.


Karen & I went to the Optometrist office with Arlene so she could look at glasses. They didn’t have a good style of lenses, so she decided to just go to one in Yuma.


We left there and met the guys and Ginger for lunch. They had already found the “good” Margaritas…lol. The food was okay…not the best I have eaten.




After lunch we shopped a little while and bought some really pretty Stained Glass Windows for our RV’s and another one for LeAnn.

Kevin & Arlene’s


Gene & LeAnn’s


and ours


After it was installed


Then Mac & I decided to find the Dentist office that some friends had recommended. We were in luck and they could work us in for an initial checkup. I was impressed with the office and the professionalism of the doctors. Mac needs a bridge and I need 3 bridges, a filling, and a few other crowns. The prices were very good and we were told that they only use the highest quality of crowns unlike some of the other offices. We will be calling to make appointments to have some of the work done while we are here.

We met up with out friends to go back across the border and a stop at the Quechan Casino for a little gambling. Mac and I did pretty good today. I left with $95.00 more than I started with and Mac left with $72.00 more than he started with.

On the way back to Yuma Mac suggested that we make a stop at Da Boyz Italian Eatery for some Pasta so I gave Kevin & Arlene a call. They were right in front of us on the Interstate. We met and had a nice relaxing and wonderful meal.

Then off to the RV to relax…wow did I ever give my knee a workout today.

Today we were slow getting up and around. I have an ear ache and just feel kinda yucky. Had Mac put drops in my ear and just kinda laid around.3

Chatted with Teri via Texting. It was good to catch up with her. I need to call Chris tomorrow and also try get talk to Dana and Jenni. We need to try to stay up to date with the kids & Grandkids while we are so far away.

Karen called and said to come over for some of the left over meat that we smoked. She had taken the meat off the bones and made it into BBQ for sandwiches. We headed over and had a sandwich and then went to DQ to get a buy one get one free Blizzard with Kevin & Arlene.

Tomorrow is gonna be a laid back day. Hopefully I feel better.




Chuck-Kathy said...

Yep, no doubt about it, steal Arlenes. Really like that one, doesn't have to be the same, but like the colors. Just don't make a special trip, gettting back into the USA is always such a long wait.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Yes they do have some really neat stained glass windows for your RV! And I think the entire town is cleaner, larger, and safer than Progresso. But the Red Snapper has better meals!

Your knee must be much improved, if you can walk all around town, and then wait for an hour getting back thru customs. That's great!

If you are always successful at the casino, perhaps your dental bill will seem much smaller, LOL


Gypsy said...

If I ever get close to Algodones I want to get the name of your dentist. I need to see one desperately, but sure can't afford dental work in the US!

Debbie Goode said...

Hope you are feeling better. You guys are braver then we are to head into Mexico. One of these days...maybe.