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Gate Guarding

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Great Week in Arizona

Monday morning we were waiting for Keith & Donna Green to arrive to be our neighbors for a couple of weeks. They arrived around noon but before even setting up told us that they were going to have to fly back to Lufkin, TX because Keith’s mother wasn’t doing very good and had asked for him. They got all set up, made a few arrangements, and we were all off to lunch at Parrish’s. We enjoyed our lunch a caught up a little with each other.

After lunch we took Keith & Donna to a private company that charter’s planes. They wanted to get home as soon as possible because things didn’t look good for Keith’s mother.

Here they are boarding their plane and taking off….



The plane that they were flying home in



and they were off….


Keith’s mother passed away on Tuesday morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family at this very sad time. They will be flying back to Yuma on Saturday evening and we will pick them up at the airport.

Monday evening we had a get together at Kevin & Arlene’s and Donnie & Karen’s site for Happy Hour and Mac was going to cook Fajita’s. We were a little late and Happy Hour was in full swing…Mac got the fajita’s started and we set around visiting with friends Fred & Jo Wishie, Jesse & Ginger, Kevin & Arlene, and Donnie & Karen. The fajita’s were awesome and the conversation was wonderful!!





Tuesday we just hung out at the RV most of the day just relaxing.

Wednesday, we met some friends, Phyllis & Bob, Don & Angela, Donnie & Karen, and Kevin & Arlene for lunch at Burgers & Beer. Thanks Phyllis for organizing this little get together. We had a great time and some good food!

Thursday, Mac, myself & Arlene went out to the “Arizona Marketplace” Flea Market. We took our time browsing the isles of merchandise but didn’t find much that we needed. We took a break and set down for a quick lunch. After leaving we took Arlene home and then Mac & I drove around for a little while and then stopped for some ice cream…lol

Today, we took some things to the Salvation Army that I had taken out of the closet. I need to do some more sorting, but that is for another day.

After that we stopped at Parrish’s for a late lunch. Mac had a Club Sandwich & I had a BLT. Wow they were both very very good. Mac said it was the best Club he has ever ate.

I have been needing a hair cut but not sure where to go so we visited a few Salons so I could get a Business card and ask a few questions. I think I know which one to go to and now just need to call for an appointment.

We ran by Kevin & Arlene’s to visit with them for a little while. Donnie & Karen had ran over to Quartzsite to do a little 4-wheeling and weren’t there.

It has been very nice here in Yuma this week with sunshine and temps in the 70’s…woohoo!!

Tomorrow we will pick up Keith & Donna at the airport, and Sunday Bob & Molly will be arriving in Yuma.

Business is gonna pick up here in Yuma…stay tuned!



Gail Durham said...

The fajita’s sound so good. Happy hour and fajitas, what more could you want.

Chuck-Kathy said...

Hope you all had enough tortillas for fajitas. Glad your having fun, enjoy.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

That looks like quite the spread!
Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Carol and Johnny said...

Fajitas and Happy Hour -- sounds like a perfect combo!