Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaving Defeated

Tuesday evening we all decided that we would just have a big “Left Over” dinner together. We had lots of food and great conversation. We were a little sad as we would be leaving this great campground and wonderful friends the next morning. We sat around the campfire for quite a while…thanks Tony for making such great and relaxing campfires for us!

Wednesday morning we were up and getting the RV ready to travel…Kevin & Arlene came over to say their see ya laters and off they went! Chuck & Kathy were by also to say..See ya later, and also John & Sandy. Tony came over to see if we needed any help and when it cam time for our goodbyes..him and I were a little teary eyed. We have had such a great time here and it sure is hard to leave this wonderful place.

Well, we took off about 10:30 on our way to Sikeston, MO. The drive was pretty un-eventful…we like it that The trees are really starting to change colors. Everything is so pretty…





We arrived in Sikeston and got all set up for the one night that we would be staying.


I just knew that a trip to Lambert’s was in our future for dinner…and I was right. We went over to the office and they called the Shuttle for us, they came and picked us up and we had a great dinner. I had the Chicken Dinner and Mac had the Liver & Onions(yuck)…

After we got back to the RV we just watched TV and made our plans for Thursday’s travel plans.

Thursday we were off by about 9:30am…that’s early for We had about a 4 hour drive to Rogersville, Mo to The Silver Bell RV Park where we would be staying until Monday morning. This is a nice surprise park for us. The sites are all pretty level and paved streets…and only $22.00 a night! we got all set up and went out to a nice Chinese Buffet for dinner.



and this one is for our friends Paul & Mary…



Back at the RV Park we started making plans on what we would do for the next few days…and it was decided that we would go to Camping World and then Springfield on Friday.

Views of Silver Bell RV Park



We headed off to Camping World where we spent the Gift Certificate that Mac had won at the Escapade…and a whole lot


After leaving Camping World, we headed back to Springfield to stop and look at a Motor Home that we saw on the way to Camping World…WOW is all I can say. It was a 2010 Itasca Elipse…42’ long and with the perfect floor plan…I loved it, well everything but the price

Elipse 2




Saturday, we got up and took our time getting around…Mac asked if I wanted to go to Branson to see if we could catch up with John & Bridget, who are some RV-Dreams friends that we chat with, and of course I said YES. So I sent them a quick message on Facebook and we were off. We found the RV Resort that they were staying in but they weren’t home. We drove through the park and stopped by again to see if they had come back, but they hadn’t. We left one of our cards with a little note on it and decided we would do a little shopping at the Outlet Malls.


We both found a new pair of shoes at the Skechers Outlet, and then headed over to the other Outlet Mall so I could go to the Kitchen Store. While I was inside, John called and asked if we were still in town, and if we were would we want to come back by and maybe have dinner with them if we wanted.

So off we went back to the RV Resort and met John & Bridget in person for the first time…this was a bonus visit because we also got to meet Mike & Leslie Kennedy, and Joe & Betty. We all sat around and visited for a while and then we decided to go out to dinner at the Majestic Steak House…We all caravaned…and when we got there, they were closed! So off we went to another Steak House. The meal was just okay, but the conversation with new friends was wonderful. It was like we had all known each other for a long time!

John & Bridget


Mike & Leslie


Joe & Betty


and all of us!


After dinner and a lot of conversation we decided we had better take off since we still had about a 60 mile drive back to the RV park. We had such a great time! Thanks everyone for including us in the great day!

Sunday we were up and had decided that we were going to Seymour to try to see some of the cousins…we only caught up with Sheryl & Sandra. We visited for a couple of hours and then headed back to the RV Park so we could get everything ready to travel on Monday to Garnett.


We were up pretty early on Monday and on the road to Garnett…very easy trip. Everything went fine until we got to Garnett and started setting up….and then everything went to Hell in a Hand Basket…the power in the RV was all messed up. Mac checked the breaker box and we were getting very high voltage. The power would come on in the Living Room area and then go off and the power would come on in the Kitchen…we started shutting things down, but not before the surge protector on the desk started shorting out and smoking…what now…well we unplugged the power and headed over to the Motel for the night. That was the worst night’s sleep in a long time. The bed was horrible and just the worry.

First thing Tuesday morning Mac called an RV Repair and he said all their Tech’s were out on jobs but someone would call back after lunch. Well 3:30 came around and no call so Mac called them back. Tech’s were still out and someone would be over early Wednesday morning.

Well Wednesday morning the Tech showed up and right away him & Mac knew what the problem was.  We had had our RV at the Heartland Factory in September for some warranty work done, and while they were working someone snagged some wires, pulled 3 hot wires partially out and the ground wire completely out.

Mac had ran the generator on Monday morning for a few minutes before we pulled out of the RV Park in Mo. Well the power couldn’t switch back over. The Tech fixed us all up and then Mac called Heartland to tell them what happened. They would only agree to re-imburse us for the Labor charges…well I guess that is better than nothing. Even though it fried out Infared Heater, Toaster Oven, and our new Ipod Radio docking  station.

I had my doctor appointment on Tuesday afternoon for my knee. I have twisted it three times in the last 6 weeks and it is really sore. I went to the doctor while in TN but wanted to wait until I got back here for the MRI. I have it this coming Monday and will see what happens next…

Stay tuned…things will probably be interesting…LOL


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Defeated Creek, Tennessee

Our time is rapidly winding down on our stay at this beautiful campground. Tomorrow we will leave here and head west toward KS…

We have had such a great time here with old friends, and new friends that we have just met..

Last Monday night we sat around the campfire and had the pleasure of listening to some great music from the Hackett brothers. The music was awesome and the time spent with friends was great.




Tuesday, the girls took time for a Girls Day Out while the men stayed at the campground smoking ribs for dinner. We did a little shopping and had lunch at The Olive Garden…yummy!

Most of our time here at the campground has been spent just relaxing…

Wednesday, I made a trip to the doctor here. I twisted my knee a couple of times while we were in Indiana and it just doesn’t want to heal. I slipped off the steps of the RV and twisted it again pretty bad. So I went to see Dr Kim and she gave me a shot in my knee and some other medication and then off to the hospital for an X-Ray. She said I needed and MRI but decided to wait on it until I get back to Garnett. She thinks I have  pulled or torn Ligaments or a torn Meniscus. Fun, Fun…so I have been hobbling around for several days.

Thursday, part of our group rand over to Cookeville to get a few things at Sam’s Club. Mac & I were going to fix Fajitas on Friday night for the group. While we were there we mad a stop at a Chinese Buffet…OMG, it was so good!!



Here is some of the scenery on the way back…


my newest barn photo




and a Buffalo…


and sculptures made by Kudzu Ivy..this was transplanted here to counteract

the erosion…



More trees…they are changing colors fast and are starting to drop their leaves


Friday evening everyone gathered around our RV for Fajitas…they were yummy!!

Saturday we just hung out again…with another campfire

Sunday, we had decided we were going to Lebanon, TN to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Lebanon was where the first Cracker Barrel was. It is no longer there, but we ate in the #2 Cracker Barrel. The food was great but the friends and conversation were priceless!



Kathy & Chuck


Ken & Cindy


Sandy & John


Lisa & Rick


Arlene & Donna






Netters & Mac


Monday, we played Hand & Foot with some of our group, and then grilled Hamburgers and Brats. We had to have another campfire to sit around…lol. This place just makes you want to stay forever!

Today, Paul & Mary left us to travel to Forest City, IA. I’m sure we will again play Hand & Foot and then we will have an easy dinner of sandwiches and sides…Probably our last campfire here at Defeated for this year as most of us will leave in the morning, traveling in all different directions.

We have had such a wonderful time here in TN and our hosts, Tony & Lisa have bee great showing us around and making our time here great. Thank you so much Tony & Lisa!! We will miss them terribly when we pull out tomorrow morning, but we have already started on plans to return here next October for another gathering!!

Stay tuned for more adventures…


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Relaxing at Defeated with Friends

We have had such a relaxing time here at Defeated Creek with our friends. This place just makes you want to sit back and do nothing…and we have done a lot of that the last few days.

Other than Happy Hours and a couple of Grill-outs we have done a lot of nothing.

Friday, we just hung out because we had planned to cook Hamburgers for dinner since John & Sandy were due to arrive. We were anxious to meet them in person. We had a great dinner with friends, old and new.


John & Sandy


Doug & JoAnn


Mac & Rick


The sunsets here at Defeated are amazing overlooking the lake.



Saturday, Tony came over and asked us if we would like to take a drive with them…he wouldn’t tell us where, just that I needed to take my camera…LOL. Like I would go anywhere here without it!





We took several back roads and ended up at The Amish Store! Even in Kentucky there are Amish Stores….and yes I mean Kentucky…we crossed the state line back a ways…Mac took photos of Rick while Lisa and I did a little shopping. We bought Apples, Peach Bread, Blackberry Butter…not sure what all Lisa bought, but it looked like a lot of things.




After we left the Amish Store we headed back toward Defeated and stopped at Harper’s Restaurant.


Tony & Lisa had a Catfish Dinner and Mac & I had the Shrimp Dinner. It was very good and the place was packed.It’s amazing how you can find these out of the way places and the food is so good!

We passed many barns filled with hanging Tobacco and hills with trees just beginning to change colors.





We also passed a T-Pee complete with horses, a couple of cabins, a covered bridge, and Halloween decorations…






An amazing day with friends! We made it back to the campground just in time for Happy Hour!! We had a great visit with friends and then sat around the campfire and made s’mores  before finally calling it a night.




Today, Chuck & Kathy, Nolan & Donna and Don & Jenny will arrive. We have planned to just grill Hot Dogs, Brats and Sausages for dinner so they won’t have to worry about dinner.

Things will be picking up around here now! We only have one more couple to arrive…Ken & Cindy will be here on Wednesday.

Monday we have a Happy Hour planned with all the friends here and Darrel & Judy coming from Lebanon and Larry & Melissa coming from over by Nashville to join us.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!