Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Fun in the Valley!!

We have stayed pretty busy this week. Monday was a shopping day with a stop at Jason’s Deli for lunch….yum. We have been eating only one meal a day since we have been in the Valley. That is a good thing…lol

Tuesday we had Happy Hour at Mark & Dortha’s Motor Home. I made Jalapeno Poppers, Deb made Potato Salad, and Dortha and Donna made desserts. The food was great but the company was outstanding!!





Wednesday I had an appointment to have my hair done, It turned out really good I think, but it took forever!!


Thursday we had leftovers from Mark & Dortha’s Happy Hour at Deb & Rod’s RV. They were just as good the second night…



Friday, we were on a Mission to find us a Toaster Oven for the RV. We went to several stores and finally found one at Target. We bought a Black & Decker Toaster/Convection Oven and I have used it several times and it seems to work very well.


While we were out someone suggested that we go and eat at Rudy’s BBQ. Well it was so good that we all brought food home for another meal…yumm

Saturday, we gathered here at our RV for a Baked Potato Supper. The potatoes were huge and tasted great! Deb & Rod brought a salad that tasted just like the one from Olive Garden, Dortha made a German Chocolate Cake, and Donna & Nolan brought Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Pretzels with a Mustard Dip.

Potato Bar

Of course the food was great but the time with friends was priceless!! Below is our cleanup crew..nice job Rod & Mark…


Sunday we were off to the Flea Market to pick up our new chairs. We got the chairs and a few other things that we just couldn’t live without! We bought Popcorn, Pork Rinds,


Mark& Rod found them some hats…ummm NO!


And Lisa, Mac found him a hat to match the red cowboy boots…


Rod ordered a Awesome Blossom


while Deb got donuts and Mac got Homemade Ice Cream.

After leaving the Flea Market, we decided to drive by the Mexican Bakery to see what their hours are..and they were open! We went in to check things out and had to make a few purchases…



Now we are home and snuggled in for the night. It is pretty chilly here today and has gotten colder after the sun went down.

Tomorrow more of our friends, Kevin& Arlene will be arriving from Florida for the month of February. We are anxious to see them again.

We will have Happy Hour at our RV tomorrow so that they will not have to worry about supper after traveling.

Well I think that about catches you up on what we have been doing this week here in the Valley.

Stay tuned to what adventures we are up to this next week…

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Great Day in the Valley

We are having another great week in the Valley.

Our great surprise of Rod & Deb joining us has been a wonderful thing…not only did they just show up…they came bearing goodies…Snack Bars from Trader Joes and some White Zinfandel Wine!!

Monday was kind of a laid back day…we had made plans to go to Mexico for Pedicures and Mac & I decided that I should wait to see what the lady at the Hair Salon/Spa here in Mission said about what I can do to the toe that I had to have the nail removed. So we stayed home as did Mark and Dortha. Deb & Rod’s passports had expired so they couldn’t go and Gale and Anna were having problems with their car and needed to find an Auto Repair Shop. Donna & Nolan, Leona, and Chuck & Kathy went and got their pedicures and said that it was a great experience.

Deb & Rod and Mac and I headed over to Retama Village where Mark & Dortha are staying to visit and to look at a New Horizons 5th wheel that is on display there.



Mac and Dortha checking things out in the RV


And for only $137,000.00 (regular $165,000.00) it could be yours because it is a demo coach…and the White truck in the background above is only $64,000.00 as it is a demo also. Very nice but not even going to spend that on a 5th wheel.

After looking at the RV we went down to Kathy & Ken’s RV to look at their Coach House. It is really nice and has been made into a beach cottage. I forgot my camera so I couldn’t take any photos..maybe she will let me come back with my

By that time we were all getting hungry and we hadn’t heard anything from the group in Mexico. So we decided to go and get something to eat. Jason’s Deli sounded like just the right place…







After lunch Deb wanted to go to Best Buy to buy her a new vacuum…


but they didn’t have what she wanted so off to Bed Bath and Beyond to check there. They didn’t have one either but the store in Harlingen had one and would hold it for her….

We took a nice scenic ride over to Harlingen so Deb could get her vacuum and on the way home Rod just couldn’t take anymore…


Caught him napping…lol

When we got back to Mark & Dortha’s Motorhome, Nolan & Donna were there waiting for us and we all set around visiting and having lots of laughs!!

Another great day in the valley with friends.

We tried to call our daughter Dana when we got back to the RV but couldn’t get a hold of her. She called us later to let us know that she had made it home and that she was doing good. Take care of yourself Dana…love ya!

Well it is Tuesday morning and I need to get busy..I am supposed to take poppers to a get together tonight..

Hugs to all!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicken Opry and a Great Surprise

Saturday we all gathered to go to the Chicken Opry here in Mission…

Mac & I, Donna & Nolan, Mark & Dortha, Chuck & Kathy, Jerry & Leona went to celebrate Nolan’s birthday!!

The show was a hoot!! Music, Comedy, and lunch!





Elvis even showed up…LOL



Sunday we had a plan for Happy Hour/Dinner at our RV. We have an online friend that we found out Saturday that they would be in the valley so we invited them to join us…

Mac and I were getting things arranged for the gathering when someone knocked on the door… is Rod & Deb! They have been fibbing to us for weeks, making plans to join us here in the valley…


And they are going to stay for 2 whole weeks here at our park!!! We were so surprised and I can’t describe how happy we are to see these two. It has been almost a year!

After hugs and and more hugs, we sat down to chat until …

Gale and Anna came, along with

Gale and Anna

Mark & Dortha, Nolan & Donna, Chuck & Kathy.




Roasted Peppers

Our granddaughter text me this morning to let us know that our daughter, Dana made it through her surgery fine. We will call to check on her later today…Love ya Dana!!


Kevin & Arlene will be here next week. YEAH!!

Stay tune to all the adventures to come!!

Hugs to all!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our 3rd Week in the Valley

We have been so busy that I have not had time to update our blog….

We have had such a good time here relaxing and reconnecting with friends.


Monday, Mac and I made a trip to Mexico.




This is just outside of Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant…


We wanted to look around and wanted to get some Alcohol and Medications. I also bought some pendants for my jewelry making. Got a good price on them and I am anxious to make some necklaces with them.

We also had lunch at the Mexico side Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant. I had the Chalupa’s and Mac had some little Pork sandwiches.  They were both very good. Their salsa has a lot to be desired though…too much cilantro.

Tuesday, we just hung out at the RV and didn’t do too much. It is nice to just sit around with nothing that you have to do.

Wednesday, Mark & Dortha, Nolan & Donna met at our RV and we headed out to The Riverside Grill for an early dinner/late lunch.

This restaurant is right on the Rio Grande river. We had a good lunch. Some of us had Chicken Strips, Crispy Chicken Salad, and some the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.

Here the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich…huge!!


After lunch we went outside to just take in the view…it was nice sitting outside and visiting.

Here are a few views of the outside and the river:










We had a great day with wonderful friends.

Thursday, Nolan & Donna, and Mark & Dortha met us at our RV and we were off early, 10:30am for lunch. Nolan drove, with Mark & Dortha following us. They had to check on a recall for their Motorhome after lunch. Yea, lunch that early…yes, we went to a Hamburger joint called Gonzales, that opens at 10:45am and stays open until 3:00pm or until their meat runs out. They grow their own beef and grind only a certain amount every day and when the meat runs out they turn the sign to “Closed”. They are always crowded so if you want to eat, you better be there early.

Here are some photos of our lunch today with Mark & Dortha, Nolan & Donna, and Chuck & Kathy.






This is my cheeseburger…They are so big that I can only eat 1/2 of it…

100_2294 100_2303

Outside after lunch trying to make a plan to head to Mexico for pedicures one day next week…


This is the outside of Gonzales…No signs or anything to make you believe that it is a restaurant…


After lunch, we took the scenic route back to the RV Park and happened upon this old Seminary that has fallen into ruin.



Tomorrow is another day and we have tentative plans for a trip to the Don Wes Flea Market…

Stay tuned for our next adventures..

Hugs to all!!