Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2 in the Valley

We are having a great time in the valley just hanging out with friends and kicking back.

Sunday we had to make another trip to the Flea Market as Mac had to exchange a cable and Dortha was looking for some charms for her bracelet. Mac made his exchange and Dortha found the charms that she was looking for…

DSC_0252 (2)

and then we looked around for awhile..

DSC_0255 (2)

I wanted a grapefruit knife and Dortha and Mark needed a Pizza cutter. We made those purchases.

DSC_0256 (2)

We just browsed around for a little while and saw lots of stuff…like these

DSC_0258 (2)

and these…

DSC_0265 (2)

DSC_0266 (2)

DSC_0267 (2)

and this adorable dog…DSC_0263 (2)

We decided that we were not ready to go home yet and decided to look around a little while and drove through…Victoria Palms

DSC_0272 (2)

A very nice RV Resort.

After the trip to the Flea Market we were getting hungry and decided to stop at a Chinese Buffet and had a wonderful meal and a great conversation.

We then decided that we would try to find the RV Park that Marvin (Smokey-Bear) and Karen are in. Our friends Paul and Mary will be staying in this park next month also.

It took us a little while, but we finally found it…

DSC_0276 (2) 

DSC_0277 (2)

DSC_0279 (2)

DSC_0288 (2)

DSC_0289 (2)

DSC_0284 (2)

DSC_0287 (2)

We had a nice visit with Marvin & Karen and then headed back to the house. What a great day with friends!!!

Monday we went to the RV Park Potluck. Great food and lots of conversation.

Tuesday we had plans to make our Wal-Mart run and then head out to Bentson State Park to look around.

Ww decided to stop and have lunch before heading to the park. We saw a Mexican Restaurant and decided to try it…

DSC_0295 (2)

La Casa del Taco.. well the food was not anything to write home about. Mine tasted very nasty, and Mac’s was just ok. We won’t be going back.

We took off toward the park but we got our minds changed…it was raining..

DSC_0311 (2)

and when we got to the entrance to the park we saw this…

DSC_0297 (2)

in the background you can barely see the Border Patrol that have the road closed…hmmm wonder what’s up with that.

So we drove through Bentsen Palms RV Resort. Very nice park.

We went back to the RV and just chilled the rest of the evening.

Wednesday morning Mac had to make a trip to the hospital for blood work that he has to have every week for awhile.

It is still raining so we will probably just hang out in the RV today and do some picking up around here.

We will be glad when tomorrow gets here…it is supposed to be 74* here..YEAH!!

Stay tuned to whatever our next adventure will be.

Hugs to all!!

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

That adorable dog is Smokey, and his Pa, Duncan. I have known them for a long time.
If you see them again, please give them my best wishes. Though we write to each other every day, but they will know what a small world it is.
Happy Trail, Penny, TX