Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Monday, June 25, 2012

Visiting Friends in Texas & trip to our home in Livingston

We left Plains on Monday June 11th and stopped for the night in Vernon, TX. We didn’t even unhook the truck. Had dinner and relaxed. Went to bed early for us…lol

Tuesday we traveled on to Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, TX. It is a Passport America Park and you can stay 3 days for $16.25 a night. It is a wonderful Park and we will stay there again!

We are here to see our friends, Donnie & Karen. They live in Weatherford, TX. We went over after we got all set up. Karen had cooked dinner for us! Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Biscuits, and Chocolate Cake… was so yummy! I had been craving home fried Chicken for quite a while…Thanks for cooking for us Karen!

We had a nice evening with them catching up on things since we had seen them last in Yuma in February.

Wednesday, we went over to their house again and we took off in their Jeep to look around the town and do some shopping. Donnie was wanting to get one of the new ipad’s and was wanting some opinions…they looked them over and he went home with a new iPad3.

After all of the shopping and looking around we were getting hungry, so they took us to “Mesquite Pit” a local BBQ Restaurant. We enjoyed a nice quiet meal and talked &talked…

Donnie and Karen 061212-2

We had a great time with Donnie & Karen….and are trying to make some Fall plans to see them again…maybe October or November after their new granddaughter is born…

We left Cowtown RV Park on Thursday morning, June 14th heading toward Lake Conroe Thousand Trails RV Resort in Willis, TX. We really like this park. Our main reason for coming to this park is to see our dear friend Arlene. Arlene lost her husband back in February and we weren’t able to be with her at the time.

She came right over once we got to our site and set up. We had lots of hugs & a few tears….it was so good to see her. We talked for a long time catching up on how she’s been..

Friday we went over to her house  to see her. She has a very nice little house behind her daughter’s house. It is only 1000 square feet but it has everything you would want. 2 Bedrooms, large Bathroom, Linen Closet, Laundry Room, Large Living Room, and Large Kitchen with Dining area. French doors out to the Pool.

We went over to the RV Repair Business & picked up her RV and pulled it back to her house so that we could finish getting the things out of it…

We decided to go out to dinner at Goodson’s Restaurant. It is well known for their Chicken Fried Steak. That’s what we all ordered…wow the steak was huge! Arlene & I took home enough for 2 more meals…it was wonderful! Thanks so much Arlene!

After dinner we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we needed and Arlene wanted to look at TV’s. She bought a 32” TV for her bedroom…

Saturday, Mac & I went out to so some errands and some shopping…..boy did we shop….Mac got a new All-in-One Computer

DSC_0005 (2)

and I got a new iPad3..

DSC_0005 (3)

I was exhausted when we got home!

Sunday, we went over to Arlene’s to help her move some things out of the RV since we would be taking it in to PPL in Houston on Tuesday for them to sell for her. Mac also installed her wall mount & TV in her bedroom. Arlene & I sat around for quite some time just visiting. I have missed her so much!

Tuesday, we hooked up the RV and headed in to Houston to PPL for Arlene to do the paperwork so that they can sell her RV….pretty emotional day.

Wednesday, Arlene & I took off to The Woodland’s Mall to meet Molly & Donna for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a great lunch and spent a couple of hours catching up on everything that has been happening.

Nette Arlene Molly and Donna

Thursday morning Arlene came over to our RV and Mac, Arlene & I took off to go to China Buffet in Conroe to meet a Chatroom friend for lunch. Mac & I had never met Penny in person. We had a great lunch and visited for a long time…It was great to meet Penny in person. I was so used to talking to her in the chatroom that I had forgotten that she had a British accent….lol. It was a great lunch!

DSC_0062 - Copy

After lunch, Mac, Arlene, and I took off and traveled over to Livingston, TX. That is where the Escapees Club is and where our actual address is…

Bob & Molly are at the Escapees Park so we wanted to spend some time with them also. They took us on a tour of the Park and then I picked up our mail and we got a tour of the Post Office and the Escapees Offices.

We went back to Bob  & Molly’s Motorhome and visited for a few hours…and then everyone was getting hungry again!! We went over to this little Gas Station/Convenience Store….they have a small Cafe in the back. Molly said that they have wonderful Hamburgers…well, they really do! We all ordered one. I should have shared one with Arlene….they are huge!

Friday, Mac & I went car shopping. We are looking for an older car so that we can use it to drive around while we are parked somewhere that gets better than 8-9 mpg’s. We looked at a few but nothing was just what we wanted so we went to this furniture store to look for a couple of Dining Chairs to replace the ones in our RV. They are just about worn out. The store named “The Dump” has about everything you could ever want. Regular furniture to very very expensive furniture. We found a couple of chairs and we were out of there …

New Chairs

headed home when we passed by “Sweetwater BBQ” and realized that neither one of us had had anything to eat all day….so we stopped and had dinner. The food was very good. It is Buffet like…you order your meat selections…and then go through the line and get whatever sides you want…side are unlimited…also their homemade rolls are to die for…lol

Saturday, Mac & I were going to go and look at a few more cars, but decided to just stay home and relax and get some laundry done and then a trip to the grocery store.

Sunday, Arlene came over to visit….and Mac cooked Steaks, Grilled Corn, & English Muffins for us for dinner. Arlene brought Baked Potatoes & some Chocolate cup Cakes…yummy…

I had made something for Arlene for her new Home and wanted to give it to her….I hope she likes it as much as I did making it….lots of memories in this photo…


I tried to help Arlene with a project she is wanting to do. She is wanting to have her Blog converted into a Hardcover Book. We never got it finished as she needed to download a couple of programs to get it to work.

Today, Monday, June 25th, I woke up not feeling very good…Allergies I think…so we decided we are not going to leave here until at least Wednesday so hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Oh….and I forgot to mention that Mac got a Speeding Ticket last week….60 in a 45. So today he is off to the Conroe City Courthouse to apply for a Defensive Driving Course so that the ticket won’t show up on his License or Insurance….oops!

We haven’t done much sightseeing around here which is sad…I want to take a drive and look at the lake. It looks really big with nice homes and businesses around it. Maybe tomorrow…

We will be leaving Lake Conroe on Wednesday if I am feeling better or maybe Thursday…heading to Corpus Christi

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time with Family…A Tornado, Hail, a Graduation, and a Wedding

This last month has been a busy one!!

We got all our stuff done in Garnett, reports & lists to the Police and the Insurance company for our Storage Shed Theft. Lynnie, Teri, & Ryan came up to help us load our remaining things and we were off to Kingman, KS in a small caravan….

We arrived in Kingman  on Saturday,May 12th, and unloaded part of our UHaul truck to a new Storage Shed. Sunday, we finished unloading the rest of our things….whew…finally that is done and our kids can help keep an eye on it.

We spent the next couple of weeks just enjoying our kids and grandkids…even though I had lists to make for the Insurance company. I guess I let myself get really stressed out, and I ended up in the ER early one morning. Severe Abdominal pain and Chest pain.  Well, long story short… was Colon problems.

Our granddaughter, Samantha is graduating on the 20th of May, and on Saturday, the 19th we were out setting up for her Graduation Party….

DSC_0108 (2)


Mac & I decided to take the little ones in to town…they weren’t a lot of help…lol. Well we made it to the highway when the Tornado sirens went off. We headed to Teri’s house to take the kids to the basement. Mac looked out the driver’s side window…and said “Look, there’s the Tornado!


Teri & the rest were right behind us. They pulled in to the garage and we parked in the driveway right behind them….This is what we saw next….




Hail damage to the truck and also to the Air Conditioner covers on the RV…another Insurance Claim to deal with….sigh.

There were 8 documented Tornado hits…

The rest of the evening went well…we finally headed back to the RV to get some rest for Sunday morning’s party and then Samantha’s Graduation.

Sunday’ Graduation Party had a great turn out…




and then off to Graduation…





Samantha was also notified that she was Student of the Year for her Senior year…Congratulations Samantha!

We left Kingman on Thursday, May 24th, and headed west to Plains, KS to see our daughter Dana & family. Mac is going to be doing some Carpentry work to help them get some remodeling done on the building that they purchased for Russell’s Law Office.

Mac has worked almost every day since we have been here. We did take a day and went to Ulysses to do some errands, see Linda & Phil…and a trip to El Ranchito for lunch.

Our granddaughter, Britny will be getting married on June 2nd. Things have been pretty crazy trying to get things done.

Saturday morning, the day that Cody & Britny will exchange vows came fast. It was a beautiful day for a wedding…..

Cody and Britny Eakes

Cody and Britny

Jaelynn and Caiden

and then to the Reception….the couple’s first dance…

First dance

and then the party!!








Looks like everyone had a great time!! Congratulations Cody & Britny! May you be blessed with many, many years of love & friendship! Love you guys!!

It took us all a couple of days to rest up from that night…LOL

We decided to extend our stay here in Plains another so Mac went back to work on the office remodel and I have dealt with the Insurance company some more. We will be leaving Plains on Monday, June 11th with an overnight stay in Childress, TX, and then on to Fort Worth for a couple of nights to see some of our friends. Then we will head on south to Conroe, TX to a Thousand Trails Park for 7-10 days to see our great friend, Arlene. We have missed her so much! We will also, get to meet a couple more friends in person, finally….

Well…this has definatly been a busy month for us…..