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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time with Family…A Tornado, Hail, a Graduation, and a Wedding

This last month has been a busy one!!

We got all our stuff done in Garnett, reports & lists to the Police and the Insurance company for our Storage Shed Theft. Lynnie, Teri, & Ryan came up to help us load our remaining things and we were off to Kingman, KS in a small caravan….

We arrived in Kingman  on Saturday,May 12th, and unloaded part of our UHaul truck to a new Storage Shed. Sunday, we finished unloading the rest of our things….whew…finally that is done and our kids can help keep an eye on it.

We spent the next couple of weeks just enjoying our kids and grandkids…even though I had lists to make for the Insurance company. I guess I let myself get really stressed out, and I ended up in the ER early one morning. Severe Abdominal pain and Chest pain.  Well, long story short… was Colon problems.

Our granddaughter, Samantha is graduating on the 20th of May, and on Saturday, the 19th we were out setting up for her Graduation Party….

DSC_0108 (2)


Mac & I decided to take the little ones in to town…they weren’t a lot of help…lol. Well we made it to the highway when the Tornado sirens went off. We headed to Teri’s house to take the kids to the basement. Mac looked out the driver’s side window…and said “Look, there’s the Tornado!


Teri & the rest were right behind us. They pulled in to the garage and we parked in the driveway right behind them….This is what we saw next….




Hail damage to the truck and also to the Air Conditioner covers on the RV…another Insurance Claim to deal with….sigh.

There were 8 documented Tornado hits…

The rest of the evening went well…we finally headed back to the RV to get some rest for Sunday morning’s party and then Samantha’s Graduation.

Sunday’ Graduation Party had a great turn out…




and then off to Graduation…





Samantha was also notified that she was Student of the Year for her Senior year…Congratulations Samantha!

We left Kingman on Thursday, May 24th, and headed west to Plains, KS to see our daughter Dana & family. Mac is going to be doing some Carpentry work to help them get some remodeling done on the building that they purchased for Russell’s Law Office.

Mac has worked almost every day since we have been here. We did take a day and went to Ulysses to do some errands, see Linda & Phil…and a trip to El Ranchito for lunch.

Our granddaughter, Britny will be getting married on June 2nd. Things have been pretty crazy trying to get things done.

Saturday morning, the day that Cody & Britny will exchange vows came fast. It was a beautiful day for a wedding…..

Cody and Britny Eakes

Cody and Britny

Jaelynn and Caiden

and then to the Reception….the couple’s first dance…

First dance

and then the party!!








Looks like everyone had a great time!! Congratulations Cody & Britny! May you be blessed with many, many years of love & friendship! Love you guys!!

It took us all a couple of days to rest up from that night…LOL

We decided to extend our stay here in Plains another so Mac went back to work on the office remodel and I have dealt with the Insurance company some more. We will be leaving Plains on Monday, June 11th with an overnight stay in Childress, TX, and then on to Fort Worth for a couple of nights to see some of our friends. Then we will head on south to Conroe, TX to a Thousand Trails Park for 7-10 days to see our great friend, Arlene. We have missed her so much! We will also, get to meet a couple more friends in person, finally….

Well…this has definatly been a busy month for us…..




Tumbleweed Dee said...

We keep thinking of you guys. So much has been going on. Maybe once you're in Texas with friends there will be some relaxing time. Travel Safe.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

My goodness! Storms and hail and tornados and more insurance claims! But the graduation and the wedding tops them all, and it looks like everyone had a great time!

(was she high-fiving her professor?)

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

FD5, Retired said...

Sounds y'all went through it all.
Stay Safe

Simone Wilson said...

You have got very sweet family. I also saw your camping pictures. Is there any place where I can book RV Park online ?