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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garnett, KS…Storage Unit Theft…Police..and Catching up with Friends


This is what awaited us when we arrived in Garnett on Monday, April 30th.after a call from the Manager of the Storage Units….about 90% of our belongings were gone. Stolen…we had already called the Police and reported the theft on April 18th after the Manager of the Garnett Inn Suites RV Park called to let us know that the padlock was missing on our Storage Unit.

We called the Police Department when we arrived in Garnett and they sent Officer Mike Carpenter out to make the report and take photos of the unit.We were just sick…until I happened upon a Backpack that wasn’t ours….it was full of tools, and a box inside with the names of the Thieves…now that’s something good!!

After that, things moved along pretty fast. The police talked to someone that had the unit next to us rented….and they were taken to the Police Department for some interrogation. After a couple hours we got a call to come down and look at some photos online to see if we could identify anything. Uh, yea…that’s my Electric Pressure Cooker.

Tuesday Morning, we got another call and were told that they thought that they had found some of our things and could we go to this house in Osawatomie. Sure thing! We loaded up and hooked up our flatbed trailer and off we went. Gary & Rosemary rode along with us. This is what we saw…

100_4825 - Copy




We recovered maybe about 10% of what was stolen. A lot of it was really nasty and was thrown away….yuck.

Then we had to make our lists for the Police Department and the Insurance Company. Thank God for off Premises, Replacement Cost Insurance! That will help replace some things, but the personal & sentimental items will never be replaced.

Mac’s father’s WWII Purple Hearts, Major Battle Stars, Enlistment Papers, Discharge Papers, and some German items can never be replaced. We had boxed all of that stuff up together so that we could take it to our son that lives in New Jersey. We are just sick about this. Mac’s dad’s Casket Flag that was in an Oak Frame was stolen also. We did recover the Flag, but the case was gone. There were also some items that were my mom’s and grandmother’s that we didn’t recover. That upsets us so much…why would anyone take something like this that is so precious to us and means nothing to them….sigh…

We had several emotional days of dealing with all of this, but we were able to get in some visiting with Gene & LeAnn and Geno & Al for lunch at Pizza Hut one day and dinner at the Tradewinds with Gary & Rosemary, plus lunch with Roy & Janet. Not bad…it was great seeing our friends.

Lynnie, Teri & Ryan came to Garnett on Friday to help us load up all of our stuff that we had left in that Storage Unit and also our other unit. We had rented a Unit in Kingman where the kids live so that they will help keep an eye on it. We got everything loaded up in the U-Haul on Friday and then it was off to Williamsburg to Guy & Mae’s for some ribs. Gary & Rosemary met us there and we has some great food and wonderful conversation.

Saturday we were off again…We had a little caravan going…Truck & RV, Teri pulling our flat trailer, and Lynnie driving the U-Haul Truck. We unloaded some of it Saturday evening and the rest on Sunday morning….phew….now that’s all done….






Now we just wait to hear from the Police Department & the Insurance Company.

We will be staying here in Kingman until the 22nd of May. Our granddaughter, Samantha, will be graduating from High School on the 20th.

Then we will travel to Plains, KS for Britny & Cody’s wedding on June 2nd.

When we leave Plains, we will be traveling to Houston to see our good friend Arlene for a few days before going to Corpus Christi about a summer job…


I forgot to mention in my last blog…that between Kingman, and Garnett….we stopped for the weekend in Emporia to spend the weekend with Jenni & family. Natalie & Justyce spent the weekend with us in the RV. It was great to see them…and we celebrated my birthday together….Grilled Cheeseburgers …and even a Birthday Cake!


While we were in Emporia, I made a Bag for Natalie and got one started for Justyce…I’ve been a Crocheting fool….LOL



Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


Carley…in one of the hats that I made her..

Carley with hat2


Gypsy said...

It makes me ill to think of what you lost, especially the sentimental items you can't put a value on. You just wonder what kind of people would take things like that, when they could just run with the items they could sell in a hurry. I'm glad you got some of the things back, though, and hope you can enjoy the fun planned with family and friends.

Bob said...

I just floated in here from your note on the Escapees discussion thingy.
Try not to let this get you down. That's only words, I know.
We've had things stolen, and it's enough to make a person want to do....well, do things that I'd rather not put in print.
Try not to let the whole nasty business cloud your thinking.
That's all I got.
It's the stuff that is only meaningful to you that is the hardest.
My sister had an entire U-Haul trailer of ONLY the things she really wanted to keep stolen last fall. It was overwhelming. Nothing was recovered.
Hopefully the scum bags who stole from you will do some time.