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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching up in Yuma and on to Amarillo

I know, I know….I am way behind on our blog. I have gotten lazy about writing but the days in Yuma are pretty much the same with a few exceptions.

Donnie & Karen Martin came to Yuma and spent the month of February. We had such a great time with them just hanging out and catching up on our lives. We didn’t do a lot of things but we did have dinner a few times, go to the Flea Market and a few Happy Hours. It was such fun seeing them again and we missed them just as soon as they pulled out of their site. Hopefully we will get to see them again soon.



Chuck & Kathy came over from their lot in California for a week. We have missed them! We had spent a lot of time with them the last year and when we separated I think we went in to withdrawal…lol. We had a great week with them and Donnie & Karen joined in on the fun. We had planned to go over to their lot and spend a week or so, but the timing just didn’t work out for this year. We will miss seeing them…

Our last month in Yuma was pretty ordinary…we hung out at home, had our Friday night card games with the gang, a couple of trips to Algodones……

We attended the going away party in Algodones on April 7th. WE all had a good time….some of us a much better time than others. Mac was in fine shape. He didn’t even remember leaving Mexico. That’s scary….





Mac & Bill getting a shoulder and neck massage…




Then the next day was Easter and we all gathered at Mike & Bette’s for dinner and lots of conversation….



We had a great time with our Yuma friends, but our time was running low. We spent Monday packing up the RV and getting ready to head out.

We left Tuesday morning and traveled up to Holbrook, AZ for the night. We had planned to spend another night on the road but once we were on I-40 we decided to go on to Amarillo. We made it there early evening and got all set up. Chris & Dusty came over to see us for a little while. The next few days were spent with Chris & Dusty after they finished work. We ate out a few times and Chris cooked Baked Spaghetti for us one night. It was really good and I asked for the recipe. I’ll have to make it one of these days.

Mac went on a guys Golfing weekend with Dusty, his dad, Terry, his cousins, and other uncles. I think they had a good time. They played gold, stayed up way too late, and maybe drank a little too much…lol

Chris and I got to spend some time together and had dinner a couple of times and lunch on  Saturday. We did a little shopping, and caught up.

On Monday, April 23rd, we headed to my sister’s in Waynoka, OK for a few days. We had such a good time catching up. Lyvonne has retired so we got to spend more time together this trip.

Our trip was cut short due to a Theft in our Storage Shed in Garnett. We left Waynoka on Thursday April 26th and drove as far as Kingman, KS to spend the night. We got to see Teri and her family for a while that evening.

We were up and on the road to Garnett to see what the damage was to our Storage Unit……..but that’s another blog….

I’ll write up the whole sordid details of the theft soon…


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Gypsy said...

It's so good to hear from you again - missed ya since I've dropped off facebook! Sorry about the theft, and I hope it wasn't too, too bad.

Chuck-Kathy said...

Hey you are alive!!! Glad you are finally able to put the bad stuff behind you, it will all work out in the end. Miss you guys, hopefully it won't be too long before our paths cross again.