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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kevin F Sullivan, a Wonderful Man & a Great Friend

This week we are struggling with the sad news of the loss of our wonderful friend, Kevin Sullivan. Kevin passed away suddenly on Wednesday morning, Feb 29, 2012 in Florida. Arlene, his wife was in Florida with him. This is such a tragic loss to his family and the many people who knew this gentle man.


We met Kevin & Arlene Sullivan in person in March of 2009. We attended a gathering in Kerrville, TX of a group of Chatters in the RV-Dreams Chatroon. We had been chatting with Arlene and several others, and decided to all get together in Kerrville.

You know that feeling you get…like an instant click? That’s how it was for Mac & I when we met Kevin & Arlene. It was like we had been friends forever.

Kevin and Arlene

Fredricksburg group1

We spent two weeks at the Kerrville gathering and made plans to meet up again soon.

In October of 2009, we met up in Oklahoma at a Casino RV Park for a few days….Kevin was such a wonderful person and was very quick with jokes and sayings to make you laugh….we were leaving one of the many casino’s for the day, and I asked him “How did you make out in the Casino”? And this was his answer….


Such a clown at times….


and here…Mac and Kevin…the best of friends..


It just seemed like we would part company, and we were meeting up again somewhere else.

We met again in Mission, TX in early 2011 for a month together…this photo was on a Dolphin Sighting Cruise….


and another one on a Cruise of the Rio Grande River…


You can see in the photos that he loved Arlene with all his heart and she felt exactly the same for him. It was really easy to love this man…he had such a gentle soul.

Here we were staying in Rockport, TX for a month and had made a trip over to Port Aransas for the day. A group of friends together for lunch…


Here’s Kevin hamming it up at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart Indiana…

DSC_0059 (2)

and this is how we were parked a lot…right next to one another.


On to Kentucky and Churchill Downs…Kevin, Chuck, and Mac…the three amigos…



DSC_0347 - Copy

We have spent so much time with these great friends that it feels like we have know them our whole life.




We will miss you terribly our friend. Rest in Peace, Kevin. Heaven just received a very special Angel. Love you!


“Live each day to the fullest….and make sure that all your family & friends know that you love them