Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Texas Winter Trip

The weather at home is frightful....we had lots of snow and then temps were in the teens...

We had Christmas at our house with Jenni, Clyde, Gloria, and Natalie. The roads were really bad and with the really cold temps, they suggested we didn't get Jerry out in it. We had a nice lunch and visited for just a little while.

We went over to Ottawa and saw Jerry. He is doing really good.

So, with Mac's doctor clearing him to leave, Christmas behind us and the weather really crappy...we decided to go ahead and make our trip to south Texas.

We locked up the house and will finish the work on it when we get back....

We left Garnett on Tuesday, Dec. the 29th headed to our RV dealer in Chetopa, Ks for a couple of fixes we needed. We left the dealer and made our way south to meet up with Joe and Sherri.

This is what we saw out of the window of our truck...



We pulled in to the WinStar Casino RV Park on Wednesday. We had talked to them on the phone and Sherri had made lunch for us. We had Chili, salad, and Carrot Cake...Yummm, it was so good! We sat and visited for quite a while and then decided to head over to the casino for a little while.




We decided to meet Thursday morning to go over to the casino for breakfast, but they only serve breakfast on the weekends so we headed in to Gainesville and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Great breakfast with wonderful friends....


After breakfast we headed back to our RV's to get everything ready to travel again.

I talked to my sister Wednesday evening. She had had a procedure done that morning and wanted to see how she was doing. I had tried to call her earlier but couldn't get hold of her...didn't have Carlson's or Kendra's Cell number...she sounded good, but tired. I will be checking on her again in a day or two...

We left the WinStar about 11am on Thursday.The traffic through Fort Worth wasn't bad, but when we got to Austin, OMG...the traffic was horrendous! New Year's Eve at 4:00 in the afternoon we hit bumper to bumper traffic about 20 miles north of Austin and continued all the way through and continued about 20 miles south...




We left about 11am and headed south on I-35. We stopped in San Marcos at the Canyon Trail RV Resort for the night before going on into Mission, Tx.




Friday morning we were up and on the road about 8:30. We had 280 miles to drive. The sun was shining and the temps were getting warmer...yeah!


We arrived in Mission about 2:00 and made our way to Seven Oaks RV Resort. Miss Guide, our GPS took us in the wrong direction and we had to turn around and make our way back to the Park...




We have settled in and even made our Camping World, Target, and grocery run. Temps today were in the mid 60's with 70's predicted for Tuesday...YEAH!


Donna & Nolan, some friends of ours arrived yesterday, and Chuck & Kathy are here at another park. Mark & Dortha will be here on Tuesday. Kevin & Arlene will be here soon...we are going to have a great time with friends! We tried to talk Rod & Deb into leaving Needles, CA and heading this way but they have commitments in Yuma with Rod's sister and visiting another one of our friends Phyllis & Bob.  They will then head to San Antonio to see their son and family.

Well, hopefully that catches us up through today....

Tonight we even went to the Park Ice Cream Social. 

Well, it is time for me to get some sleep...


Hugs to all!!!



Joe and Sherri said...

We sure enjoyed our time with you. Wish we could have gone with you but maybe next year will be our year. Have fun and keep us updated on the adventure.

Mark and Dortha said...

We are on the way...keep the sunshine turned on!

Mike and Pat McFall said...

Hi Mack and Nettie......welcome to the "cold" Texas Valley. Hopefully we'll get some warm weather for you soon. Looking forward to meeting you both in person. Hugs.....Pat & Mike

gordon said...


no longer exists-suggest you update your web site - which is truly long has it taken you to learn how to do this!