Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Great Day in the Valley

We are having another great week in the Valley.

Our great surprise of Rod & Deb joining us has been a wonderful thing…not only did they just show up…they came bearing goodies…Snack Bars from Trader Joes and some White Zinfandel Wine!!

Monday was kind of a laid back day…we had made plans to go to Mexico for Pedicures and Mac & I decided that I should wait to see what the lady at the Hair Salon/Spa here in Mission said about what I can do to the toe that I had to have the nail removed. So we stayed home as did Mark and Dortha. Deb & Rod’s passports had expired so they couldn’t go and Gale and Anna were having problems with their car and needed to find an Auto Repair Shop. Donna & Nolan, Leona, and Chuck & Kathy went and got their pedicures and said that it was a great experience.

Deb & Rod and Mac and I headed over to Retama Village where Mark & Dortha are staying to visit and to look at a New Horizons 5th wheel that is on display there.



Mac and Dortha checking things out in the RV


And for only $137,000.00 (regular $165,000.00) it could be yours because it is a demo coach…and the White truck in the background above is only $64,000.00 as it is a demo also. Very nice but not even going to spend that on a 5th wheel.

After looking at the RV we went down to Kathy & Ken’s RV to look at their Coach House. It is really nice and has been made into a beach cottage. I forgot my camera so I couldn’t take any photos..maybe she will let me come back with my

By that time we were all getting hungry and we hadn’t heard anything from the group in Mexico. So we decided to go and get something to eat. Jason’s Deli sounded like just the right place…







After lunch Deb wanted to go to Best Buy to buy her a new vacuum…


but they didn’t have what she wanted so off to Bed Bath and Beyond to check there. They didn’t have one either but the store in Harlingen had one and would hold it for her….

We took a nice scenic ride over to Harlingen so Deb could get her vacuum and on the way home Rod just couldn’t take anymore…


Caught him napping…lol

When we got back to Mark & Dortha’s Motorhome, Nolan & Donna were there waiting for us and we all set around visiting and having lots of laughs!!

Another great day in the valley with friends.

We tried to call our daughter Dana when we got back to the RV but couldn’t get a hold of her. She called us later to let us know that she had made it home and that she was doing good. Take care of yourself Dana…love ya!

Well it is Tuesday morning and I need to get busy..I am supposed to take poppers to a get together tonight..

Hugs to all!!!

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