Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Defeated Creek, Tennessee

Our time is rapidly winding down on our stay at this beautiful campground. Tomorrow we will leave here and head west toward KS…

We have had such a great time here with old friends, and new friends that we have just met..

Last Monday night we sat around the campfire and had the pleasure of listening to some great music from the Hackett brothers. The music was awesome and the time spent with friends was great.




Tuesday, the girls took time for a Girls Day Out while the men stayed at the campground smoking ribs for dinner. We did a little shopping and had lunch at The Olive Garden…yummy!

Most of our time here at the campground has been spent just relaxing…

Wednesday, I made a trip to the doctor here. I twisted my knee a couple of times while we were in Indiana and it just doesn’t want to heal. I slipped off the steps of the RV and twisted it again pretty bad. So I went to see Dr Kim and she gave me a shot in my knee and some other medication and then off to the hospital for an X-Ray. She said I needed and MRI but decided to wait on it until I get back to Garnett. She thinks I have  pulled or torn Ligaments or a torn Meniscus. Fun, Fun…so I have been hobbling around for several days.

Thursday, part of our group rand over to Cookeville to get a few things at Sam’s Club. Mac & I were going to fix Fajitas on Friday night for the group. While we were there we mad a stop at a Chinese Buffet…OMG, it was so good!!



Here is some of the scenery on the way back…


my newest barn photo




and a Buffalo…


and sculptures made by Kudzu Ivy..this was transplanted here to counteract

the erosion…



More trees…they are changing colors fast and are starting to drop their leaves


Friday evening everyone gathered around our RV for Fajitas…they were yummy!!

Saturday we just hung out again…with another campfire

Sunday, we had decided we were going to Lebanon, TN to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Lebanon was where the first Cracker Barrel was. It is no longer there, but we ate in the #2 Cracker Barrel. The food was great but the friends and conversation were priceless!



Kathy & Chuck


Ken & Cindy


Sandy & John


Lisa & Rick


Arlene & Donna






Netters & Mac


Monday, we played Hand & Foot with some of our group, and then grilled Hamburgers and Brats. We had to have another campfire to sit around…lol. This place just makes you want to stay forever!

Today, Paul & Mary left us to travel to Forest City, IA. I’m sure we will again play Hand & Foot and then we will have an easy dinner of sandwiches and sides…Probably our last campfire here at Defeated for this year as most of us will leave in the morning, traveling in all different directions.

We have had such a wonderful time here in TN and our hosts, Tony & Lisa have bee great showing us around and making our time here great. Thank you so much Tony & Lisa!! We will miss them terribly when we pull out tomorrow morning, but we have already started on plans to return here next October for another gathering!!

Stay tuned for more adventures…


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Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like you guys have had so much fun. Wish it had worked for us...maybe next year.

Travel safe and good luck with all your appointments in KS. I hope your knee is better.

Hugs to you both.