Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Relaxing with friends in Arizona

It has bee awhile since I have updated our blog. We picked up Keith and Donna from the airport. Sure am glad they made it back safely!

Since I posted last Bob & Molly have arrived in Yuma also. We have had a few Happy Hours and a few card games…lol


Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen hosted a Super Bowl Party at their site. We all had a great time and lots of food!! Mac won the pot for the first quarter, Bob won the pot for the 2nd & 3rd quarter, but Donnie won the final pot.




and we had to have a little celebration for Arlene & Molly’s Birthdays….Happy Birthday Girls! We were glad that we got to help you celebrate!!


Mac and I went for a drive around Yuma one day just to see some of the area that we haven’t seen yet. We watched them harvest Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cabbage and Lettuce. Wow…looks like a lot of hard work to me.




Last Tuesday we went to Mexico and met up with Donnie & Karen and Kevin & Arlene. Arlene had been to the dentist so they didn’t stay long….unlike the rest of us. We stayed almost all day and ended up waiting in line for over an hour to get back in to the US. We had a great time and bought a few small things. We had lunch while we were their and decided that we needed to celebrate Molly & Arlene’s birthday’s…I guess I did a pretty good job of it by the looks of things…LOL





We met the group at Da Boyz Italian Restaurant in downtown Yuma for dinner…their food is amazing. We will really miss that when we leave here.


Friday we played cards at Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen's…Mac one one round, but I didn’t win anything.


Saturday we just hung out around the house. We were all going to ob & Phyllis’ for Happy Hour. There was a lot of us there and even a few new ones that we hadn’t met before. Bob lit a fire as it was starting to get chilly, but the smoke was really making my allergies act up more so we took off and headed home.

This morning we went to the Moose for our Sunday Funday with Bob & Phyllis..Mike and Bette were there also. A few Bloody Mary’s and then on to Breakfast and we were set for the day…


WE have really enjoyed our time here in Yuma. We have a little over a month left to be here before we hook up and head on out to our next adventure…

Stay tuned…more trips to Mexico, food, and a lot more card games ahead!!





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Chuck-Kathy said...

Netters, didn't know that you have become a two-fisted drinker. Love it! Have a couple for me. Hugs