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Gate Guarding

Friday, March 4, 2011

Enjoying Arizona

We are still here in Yuma enjoying all the nice weather and our good friends.

We have been spending our time visiting, playing cards, visiting with friends. Also a few trips to Mexico and dinner out with our friends, and trips to the Flea Market.

It’s hard to remember what we have done daily since I haven’t been writing as often as I should be. I know we have had several Happy Hours that usually follow with a few hands of cards. We have been playing a card game called Chase the Ace. It is so much fun and goes very fast since you are only dealt one card per hand. We have also played a few hands of Hand & Foot.

We also had JB & Brenda visit us over at Kevin & Arlene and Donnie & Karen’s lot. We hosted a Happy Hour and had a nice long visit. It sure is great spending time with our friends. Kevin & Arlene, Donnie & Karen, Keith & Donna, Bob & Molly, Bob & Phyllis, JB & Brenda, and Mac & I were all there.



Poppers I promised JB…


We said goodbye to Keith & Donna. They left to go to Waco to watch their grandson in an archery competition and then on home to Lufkin, TX. We sure will miss you guys.


Mac and I have really enjoyed just sitting outside in this nice weather. We bought us a couple new Zero Gravity loungers and they are so nice to just relax the afternoon away….lol



We also took a couple of drives and got a few photos of the surrounding area.


Monday evening we went out to dinner at Chretin’s with Donnie & Karen and Kevin & Arlene. Donnie & Karen were heading back toward Weatherford, TX on Tuesday morning. We had a nice dinner with lots of conversation….we are gonna miss y’all.

Tuesday evening we invited Kevin & Arlene over to grill hamburgers for their farewell dinner. They are headed to California on Wednesday. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation with our close friends.We won’t see them again until August 19th….we’re really gonna miss you guys!

Wednesday, we were invited over to Bob & Molly’s and Harrell & Tommie Sue’s lot for Happy Hour. We saw some friends we had already met, but we also met several new people. A lot of them are going to be on Staff at the Escapade in Gillette, Wy so it was really nice to meet them and have some time to get acquainted.





Today we have just zoned out and spent time just catching up. Tomorrow evening we have plans to go and watch the Classic Car Cruise that kicks off Midnight at the Oasis Festival.

Here is one of our amazing sunsets out here in Yuma…


Stay tuned..we will be here until April 8th…





Gail Durham said...

It sure looks like everyone is having a wonderful time......

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

You last picture sums it up nicely-life is good!

David Sussman said...

What a great update on all the fun and relaxation you are enjoying in AZ.Look forward to reading more of your adventures.