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Gate Guarding

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remembering Shadow…

Today was a very sad day for Mac & I. We had to put our cat Shadow to sleep today. He has been a part of our family for the last 15 years and it has been a really hard day for us.

Shadow 2010

Mac found him as a small kitten in Dec of 1996 out in country. There were several small kitten but he was only able to catch two of them. We kept Shadow and our neighbor took the female kitten.


We will miss him terribly! Love your Shadow…Rest in Peace.


Our time is running down here in Yuma. We will be leaving Yuma next Friday and heading north to Lake Havasu City for a few days and then on to Las Vegas for a week.

We have had so much fun this winter in Yuma with all of our friends.

This last couple of weeks we have been to many Happy Hours, dinner with friends, and Mac became a Moose.

Monday the14th we went to the Moose for Wing night and Karaoke. We set with Bob & Phyllis, and Deb & Rod. Mike, Bette, Buzz and a few others were at another table. Had a great time.

Tuesday evening Mac was initiated in a member of the Moose Lodge.

We spent St Patrick’s Day with a group of our friends at Parish’s Bar & Grill for some good food & Drinks. I think there were about 14 of us at 2 different tables.


Friday,we decided to take a trip to The Peanut Patch and invited Bob & Molly to join us..after miles and miles of driving we finally made it…the Pumpkin Patch is only about 10 miles from us but Mac decided to take the scenic route…lol



We bought some great in the shell Peanuts and some fudge.

The next day Bob & Molly picked us up for a trip to Lake Martinez too look around and stopped at the Cafe for a light lunch. The Hummingbirds were out in full force..



When we left there we headed out to see Senator’s Wash. On the way we stopped and had to look at all this Military equipment.




On the way back we decided to take another scenic route and cam across some laborers picking Romaine Lettuce right by the road. We all got out and took some photos and the foreman let us come down and talk to him. He gave us some lettuce that they had just bagged…very nice man.







and we waved goodbye to the harvesters…..

We were driving along and happened to see a lot of Date Palm trees and looked over and there was their store. We just had to make a stop and see what all they had to offer!

We tasted some samples of fresh Dates…too sweet for me.


Now we needed to make tracks since we had a dinner date with Bob & Molly, Bob & Phyllis, and Rod & Deb at DaBoyz Italian Eatery. Their food is so good that we are really gonna miss it until we get back here next winter.

DSC_0101 (2)

The next morning found us up and off to Bob & Phyllis’ for Sunday morning Bloody Mary’s and Brunch . Good food with great friends! Sorry, no photos…just believe me that we were all stuffed when we left.

We made a trip to Algodones Mexico with Rod and Deb on Tuesday the 22nd for some Margarita’s, lunch, Liquor, and some medication.

We had a Happy Hour over at Rod & Deb’s MH on Wednesday. Had a great evening.

They had to take off toward Apache Junction on Thursday to see Deb’s mom. We said our goodbye’s.

Bob & Molly had invited us over for a farewell dinner on Saturday the 26th. I was sooo sick that I couldn’t go but I insisted that Mac go without me. They had a birthday cake and gift for me. Thanks so much you guys!! Love ya! See you soon.

These last few days we have been pretty much home bodies…I either got some food poisoning or caught a virus and was sick for about 3 days.

Yesterday we went to have our taxes done…ouch!

This morning Mac took Shadow to the Vet because he was starting to feel bad again and wanted to stay on top of it. He was scheduled to have his teeth pulled on Monday to hopefully help with the infection in his mouth. After talking to the Vet about the blood work that he had had done, and about her worry about the result of having his teeth pulled, Shadow was put to sleep.


We are sure missing him already….





David Sussman said...

Mac and Netters,I am so sorry about Shadow.I had to put my best friend Critter down when he had cancer.It still bothers me to this day.I dread the day I have to say goodbye to Thunder and Lightning.Time makes it better.Take care my friends.

Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

Again, so sorry to hear the news about Shadow. As you know, we have two katts and can't stand the thought losing either of them. Having lost Mittens back in December of 2001 after having her for 12 years, we know how bad it hurts - they are so much part of the family. May God give you comfort at this time of sorrow.

K and D in the RV said...

So sorry to hear of your Shadow passing. It is so difficult, We lost our little Ally about a month ago when we were staying at Senator Wash/Imperial Dam. We miss her terribly. Take care.

Molly & Bob said...

So sorry about little Shadow..such a sweet kitty and know you will miss him!!!

Hugs and hope you feeling much better! Miss ya!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your furry feline friend.
Have you seen the message in the new Rainbrow Bridge:
I helped me when I lost my little best friend.
I hope it comforts you, too.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX