Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leaving Arizona…

I am really behind on this blog, so I am going to try and catch up a little…..

I think I left off with Rod & Deb’s visit to Yuma…we had a great time with them, but it was time for them to take off to see Deb’s mother.

Our last week in Yuma was a very busy one!

We were invited over to George & Candy’s for Friday night Pizza and cards! We didn’t win at cards but we had a great time with friends!! Took the camera, but didn’t take any photos…sorry

Sunday we were back over at George & Candy’s for BM Sunday…..what a fun time. We visited and had our few Bloody Mary’s(BM’s), and had a wonderful brunch.

Monday night was wing night at the Moose. We always have a great time with everyone there. Mike always gets up to do a little karaoke. He is an amazing man that does not let his problem stop him from doing anything. You see, Mike has had to have his vocal chords removed because of cancer, but he just keeps on doing whatever he wants and doesn’t let that stop him!


Mike Singing


Phyllis, Hanna, and Bette


the gang…

Tuesday, we had a down day…Mac and I took a drive around the outlying area of Yuma. Some of the places we hadn’t seen before.

Wednesday, we all met in Algodones, Mexico for Parisio’s party! Free food & drinks from 11:00am – 2:00pm!! So of course we had to have some of both!! LOL We did some last minute shopping while we were there also since we won’t be back until December.

Mac and Buzz

George and Candy

Mike Bill Al and Candy

Nancy George and Candy


Thursday, we met Bob & Phyllis, and their friends at Lutes Casino for lunch. It isn’t really a casino, but the decor was something to see. We had Cheeseburgers & fries and did a lot of visiting. We are really going to miss Bob & Phyllis these next few months. We’ll also miss all of the new friends that they introduced us to!


Bob & Phyllis


and this huge rooster was in the store next to the cafe….couldn’t resist taking a photo!

Friday morning we were up and getting things ready to head out.We are going to Lake Havasu City for the weekend. The trip was pretty uneventful. Very pretty scenery. Also another border check…lol. They must of thought we looked safe as they waved us right on through.





We did a lot of driving around while in Lake Havasu City. Went to the Black Bear Diner for dinner one day. Pretty good food.



We also went down and looked around where the London Bridge is. I tried to get a decent photo, but had the wrong lens on my camera so it’s not so great..for more info on this bridge got to London Bridge-Lake Havasu City







The campground we stayed in was Campbell Cove RV Resort. It was a nice park but kind of hard to find. Not a lot of signage, and you had to enter the park through a Convenience Store’s parking lot.


Monday, we were up packing up again to travel on to Las Vegas for a week. We will be seeing some friends there so stay tuned!




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