Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday at Sedalia

Monday was a pretty quiet day at Sedalia. No seminars scheduled for us today.

Marv Osborne(Smokey Bear on Chat) took us for a tour of his RV. It is very nice and he has customized it to fit their needs. Here is a photo of Marv and Mac.

Gregg and Marv Smokey Bear

Smokey Bears RV

We had ordered our Escapees Name Badges so we went to the Too Crazy Ladies and picked them up. They turned out great!

Escapees Badges

Escapees Badges Mac

Escapees Badges Netters

We had to wear yellow ribbons on our badges. That shows that we are first time attendees. There are all colors of ribbons here for attendees. Some for volunteers, staff, vendors, and different colors for how many Escapades you have attended.

While at the marketplace we ran into Keith and Donna. We stood and visited for a while. Nothing was planned with them or the Class of 2007 for Monday night. We walked around and bought some microfiber towels for the RV.

We went to the "Row" to look around. This is the building where all the Chapters set up tables and you can get information and visit with each chapter representative. It was very informative. We did join the Ozark Chapter of Escapees. It includes Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and half of Oklahoma. They gave us the information for the trips and rally's already scheduled.

We have been invited to the Heartland Groups Potluck at I need a WalMart run to get the fixing's for Enchilada Casserole. We had a great time and lots of good food! (not near as much as at Kerrville, but enough to get plenty

Heartland Group Potluck1

Heartland Group Potluck2

We left and went over to the main building for the Door Prize drawings and Entertainment. We gathered with Keith and Donna and the Class of 2007 and sat and watched all the door prizes given away! There are some great prizes! Free stays at many Co-op Parks, Free dinners, and lots of RV stuff. Keith's name was drawn and he won, a free 1 year subscription for the Gypsy Journal, 2 meal gift certificates, some toilet chemicals, and a Woodall's North American Atlas.

Keith winning door prize

The entertainment following was great. The Brett Family performs in Branson and tours across the US.

Brett Family Entertainment

It started raining in the afternoon. Light rain. And then it just started getting heavier. It rained really hard all night and this morning some of our neighbors had to have their trucks towed out of their lot..I sure hope it dries up before Saturday morning!

Tuesday night we will gather at the Pavilion for a Baked Potato supper with Keith & Donna, Bob & Molly, and the Class of 2007. We will be making Jalapeno Poppers (lol) for this gathering.

I will leave you with a few more photos of some of the RV's here at the Rally. I promise to take more photos today if it ever quits raining.



Hugs to all!! Wish you all were here!


Leno said...

Great to see the pictures. I like the badges..
Not sure if you have been on the rv dreams forum, there is a couple at the rally that wants to meet up with other dreamers..

JB said...

There will never be as much food as at Kerrville. I am still eating only twice a day trying to get over that. Wish I was there for some of those poppers though.