Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday in Sedalia

We need to start building our Ark. We may not ever be able to get home!!! It just keeps raining.

This morning we were off to some Seminars. We went to a program put on about B-2 Stealth bombers. Awesome! We also went to one on Workamping, and one on cooking in a Dutch Oven outdoors. We also went to the Craft Show.

We had decided to go and eat at a local Mexican food restaurant called Patricia's. My Chicken Fajitas were really good and Mac had Southwest Steak Tacos and they were good also(I had to share) lol Here are a few photos of our dinner with Keith & Donna, Bob & Molly, and some of the class of 2007.

Group dinner2

Gregg, Keith, Joe, and Donna

Group dinner3

Greg, Jay Fay and the back of Jean

Group dinner5

Bob, Molly, Jean, Greg, Jay, and Fay

Group dinner7

Gregg, Keith, Marcia, Paula, and Tom.

After dinner we headed back to the campground to get ready for the door prize drawings(we didn't win) and then then Entertainment for the evening. It was Ham-O-Rama. Escapees Club members showed off their talent.

Here are a couple of photos. Ham o Rama2

Ham o Rama3

and a few more photos of the campground. At last count there were a little over 800 RV's here.



We are back at the RV and reading blogs and I am trying to upload photos and write this blog. I have a lot more photos of the fairgrounds and campground but will post those when we get home, if we ever get out of this soggy campground.

We are signed up for a couple more seminars tomorrow and then I think we will go do some Tourist things....

until tomorrow! We miss you and wish you were here!


Joe and Sherri said...

Is it raining down home? You may have to park in a RV site when you get back to Kansas.

Mark and Dortha said...

Wish it had worked out for us to be there. It sounds like you all are having too much fun.