Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're Adopted!

Rain, Rain, go away! Woke up to a very dreary day. No rain this morning, but cool. We hung out at the RV this morning and then headed over to pick up the Escapees sign that we purchased for the back of our RV.

Escapees Sign

It fits on the ladder on the back of our RV.

We met up with Keith and Donna. They were going in to do some volunteering at the Popcorn booth. Keith and Donna going to volunteer 

After we left there, we headed off  to a Seminar on Alaska. It was good but Mac and I were having trouble staying awake so we finally just left. We then went to a seminar on cleaning our RV. It was about microfiber towels.

We went back to the RV to make our Baked Potatoes for the Class of 2007 Potluck for this evening. They have been great involving us in their get together's.

We had dinner and then they had a short business meeting and we all introduced ourselves. Then we had a great surprise! We were adopted!! Yes, adopted by the Class of 2007. We were asked to step to the front along with Keith and Donna and Rich and Mary. Molly and Marcia pinned us with a pin that stated "I was adopted by the Class of 2007". It was such a surprise.! Thank you so much everyone! You are a great group and we have had so much fun with you!!!!

Potluck Adoptees

Potluck Mac and Netters pins

Potluck Mac and Netters pins3

Potluck Keith and Donna with pins

Here are a few photos of the Potluck. I will post more when I get home and can use the DSL.

Potluck2 Netters and Bob





It started raining again so we waited for a break in the weather and took off for the RV. Got on chat for a little while and decided that I had better get this posted before bedtime.

Tomorrow we will attend a few more seminars. It has been a great week here so far, even with all the rain!

Miss you all!!! 


Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing your time there with us prisoners out here. We have two days left and then we have to get ready to leave our home of 3 years. It will be kind of sad to leave here but I am sure we will be back time and time again.

Debbie and Rod said...

We're also Class of 2007. Aren't they the BEST???!!!

Debbie & Rod