Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nashville and Friends

We left Sikeston on Monday about 9:30 headed to Nashville to see friends and attend the Heartland Owners Rally at the KOA.

The trip was pretty un-eventful…just lots of driving for Mac. The scenery was very pretty….




Border Patrol…uh oh….


Thank goodness we packed our Passports..we didn’t have any problem except…

DSC_0011 [800x600]

they took Mac’s shoes and provided him with a pair of overalls.. .LOL......LISA…you forgot to mention this!!!


We passed this Bighorn…wonder if they are headed to the Rally.



We finally arrived at the KOA and saw our good friends, Kevin & Arlene’s RV parked next to where we will be parked…and Arlene was outside waiting on us!!



We visited for a few minutes and then we got busy getting the RV all set up. After getting that done, we headed out to dinner with Kevin & Arlene…did a lot of visiting and then turned in for an early night.


Tuesday we got up and around slowly…we were going to find a WalMart and a Kroger Grocery…Kevin & Arlene went along with us. We drove what seemed like forever and when we got to the WalMart that the GPS took us to it wasn’t a Super Center. But I could still exchange something I had bought in Sikeston. So with that done we were off to the Kroger for a few groceries.

We barely made it back to the RV in time to join the Heartland group for a pre-rally dinner and Caney Fish Camp Restaurant. This had been planned for a very long time and they were not ready for us…the food was just okay and the servers were slow in getting drink refills. They lost our tables order..go we were the last served and most everyone else was finished and leaving.






and then there were none…except us still trying to eat…LOL


We came back to the KOA and headed down to visit with Bill & Barb. They just got a new Big Country so she took Arlene & I for a tour. Very nice!! I really like the floor plan that she has.


Wednesday morning Mac had to go and have his blood work done so he did a search on the laptop to find a Quest that he could go to. After he finished he came back to the RV to pick me up to go back to Kroger’s to get a few things that we forgot yesterday. I needed stuff to make a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gooey Butter Cake for the Potluck on Thursday night and a few things for our the cookout we are having at our RV this afternoon with Kevin & Arlene and Bill & Barb.

We are going to a 50’s & 60’s Show here at the Park tonight…it should be really good.

Stay tuned to what happens tomorrow…

(((HUGS))) to everyone!!!


Kathy and Robert said...

I just can't wait until I can attend a Rally! Meeting up with friends you have met along your journeys must be so much fun!
And... I sure hope you save me a piece of that Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gooey Butter Cake!
Can't wait to hear about the evening's events too!

Randy and Terry said...

Glad to see you're having a good time. We've stayed at that park, it's very nice. Enjoy!!

khardamon61 said...

You two are just having too much fun! LOL Enjoy reading your blog and would love it if you would share your Dark Chocolate Rasberry Gooey Butter Cake recipe --- sounds delicious!

Happy travels.