Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tennessee, Tuesday, July 20th

We were up and no special plans made except to see a little more of the area. We headed over to Tony & Lisa’s to see if they had any suggestions. We were going to drive today.



We decided to go over to Dale Hollow Fish Hatchery and look around that area. I was going to see if I qualified for an Access Pass for Parks. I have a Handicap hanger for the truck because of nerve damage in my leg from a back surgery years ago…







Our next home…


Well with having my wallet card, I did qualify! I signed a couple of forms and walked out with my new card…we left there and just drove through more countryside talking about things that we could do while everyone is at Defeated in October. This is such pretty country, I could never get tired of looking around. But, it is really hot and humid…that I could do without…LOL.





We stopped in Celina at a little diner for was really good! The best Coconut Cream Pie I have had in a long time. I was going to save it until the evening and have it for dinner, but sorry to say it never made it out of the parking lot…LOL.





Old Tobacco Barns are everywhere…


and Tobacco Crops were few…


We got back to the park and Mac & I needed to make a WalMart run. After that we visited with Tony & Lisa for a while then headed to the RV to start getting things ready for travel.


We have had such a great time here in TN with Tony & Lisa..and meeting Tez, their adopted son. He is such a nice and polite guy…he is getting ready to take his tests to go into the service and become a Marine. Also, little Rick…he is so cute and is on the go all the time…typical 3 year old. He sure tests Lisa’s patience sometimes..LOL.


Can’t wait to come back in October for a longer stay. I think we may have some day trips in store for all of us campers…

Stay tuned….



Anonymous said...

You know, wasn't YOUR fault the pie didn't make it out of the parking was Mac's!!! He did sit there for a minute or two!!!...We loved meeting you guys...and can't wait til you come back in October!!!...And Rick has been trying my patience today...all day...

Kathy and Robert said...

You are in beautiful country and I love, love, love the barn pics! Even more, I love your new background! Keeps those pics coming and enjoy Tennessee.