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Gate Guarding

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garnett & Doctor Appointments

We left Emporia on Monday, May 16th heading to Garnett to take care of some Doctor appointments and check on our house. The travel was nice & quick…only about an hour.

Tuesday, the 17th,  Mac had two doctor appointments scheduled for today. HIs first one was with his Cardiologist’s office. He saw the Nurse Practitioner, Kayla for a checkup and to discuss one of the medications that he is taking. After much discussion, all that was needed was some bloodwork to be done. Mac went down to the lab and got that taken care of right away.

When we left Kansas City, we headed over to Lawrence, KS so Mac could see his Vocal Chord Specialist about the problems that he has been having with his throat. After the scope & photos taken, the doctor assured us that there were no indications of cancer and that he was pretty sure that it was a combination of Acid Reflux and a continued use of his Blood Pressure Medications. He sent a note over to the Cardiologist’s office & Mac called them and they agreed to make a change in that medicine. Whew…we were worried.

It has rained in Garnett almost every day since we got here so we haven’t done a whole lot. We did do some purging in the RV….we ended up taking about 200-lbs of stuff out. WOW.

There have been devastating storms that have passed through the midwest while we have been here. Our cousin & family that live in Joplin lost their house, but the are all fine, thank goodness. My niece that also lives in Joplin was at her other grandmother’s and they are fine. They were about 1/4 of a mile from where the tornado went through. I think I heard on TV that there were about 70 tornados sited in that one week, and 30 something on Sunday, May 22nd when the big one hit Joplin, MO. We really need to get out of tornado alley.

We spent one evening at our Stix house to set out some severe storms that were supposed to come through Garnett with HIgh Winds, Hail, and Heavy Rains. We wanted to put the truck in the garage so we went over and spent about 4 hours over there before returning to the RV. No damage at either places…

Here is an old School House that we pass by on our way to our friends house…if you know me, you’ll know I seem to have an obsession with old buildings & barns.



We also went to dinner with our good friends, Gary & Rosemary Turner a couple of times. Once to Paola for Mexican food and one time to Williamsburg for Ribs.

We also attended a visitation for a friend that passed away while we were there.

Wednesday, the 25th, I had a doctor’s appointment. All went pretty well. Bloodwork looked pretty good. My White Blood count has been really low ever since I went through cancer and chemo and was told by my Oncologist that it might not ever come back up to normal range….well, let me tell you…it DID!! Barely….mine was 4.1 and the lowest normal range is 4.1. I was so glad because it has been running about 3.4 which was pretty low and I seemed to catch everything that went around.

In the afternoon, Mac & I had Eye Doctor appointments. Our eyes had changed just a little but I ordered new lenses for a pair of frames that I already had and Mac ordered a new full set. His spare pair broke last week.

We left Garnett on Friday, May 27th and came back to Emporia, KS for the holiday weekend. Jest so happens that Natalie had a Traveling Team Softball Tournament on Saturday that we decided to go to.

We had to leave Emporia at 7:15am this morning to ho to Council Grove, KS for the games…..that is just too early. We got up about 5:45am…. It was cold and dreary all day long…brrrrr

Our daughter,Jenni


Natalie played good but her team ended up taking 7th. They played 3 games and the 4th the other team forfieted since one of their players got hurt.



Now we are back at the RV..warming up and watching TV. We will be here in Emporia until Tuesday morning when we leave here to go to Kingman, KS to see our daughter Teri and her family…another kid & grandkid fix!!!

Stay tuned…


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