Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Monday, November 9, 2009

Working on the House & a Visit From My Sister

Sunday morning we were not in a big hurry to get up and around. Just another day slaving away at the house! We finally got over there about noon and started our separate projects. Mac mudding the walls and me sorting and packing. I did take a few photos even though I had gotten fired from my "job"

Several have asked about our new camera. Leno wanted to know how big it was, so here is a photo for  you Leno.



Here are a few photos of my sister and her husband, Carlson:


DSC_10029 (2)

DSC_10033 (2)

My sister and I had to do some legal stuff about my mom's estate today. It just made my heart really sad and I just didn't feel very well the rest of the day.

And here is what was accomplished at the house on Monday...Master Bedroom.

DSC_10037 (2)

DSC_10040 (2)

Mac posing like the farmer holding his pitchfork on Green

DSC_10057 (2)



a photo of our granddaughter, Natalie

DSC_10044 (2) DSC_0038

and Nat & Gloria


I sorted through a lot of bathroom stuff and gave some to the granddaughters and threw a lot away. It is getting easier everyday!

I was not feeling good so I decided to head back to the RV about 6pm and Nat wanted to go with me. She set and watched TV, ate a sandwich, and got her Facebook and YoVille fix while visiting Grandpa took her back home when he got to the RV. We don't get to see a lot of her as she goes to her dad's house every weekend and week nights they stay close to home.

We were supposed to take the RV to the dealer tomorrow for some warranty work, but Mac is going to call and see if we can take it next week instead so we can get a little more done at the house just in case they have to keep it for a few days. That way we will have the painting all done in the Master Bath and can set the bed back up if we need to stay there for a few days.

We got a call from our daughter Dana, and she will be having surgery on her wrist on Wednesday. She has been having problems with a cyst like growth that has been coming up on her left wrist and has had it removed twice. Now she has one on her right wrist.

Also, our granddaughter, Britny had surgery on her feet last Thursday. Had pinched nerves in both feet and were very painful so the Dr suggested that they fix them while she is in between Volleyball and Basketball season this year. It has been pretty painful for her. She went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup and they changed the dressing. She took a photo and sent to us. OMG! it looks like it should hurt like crazy!

Mac clowning around today...

DSC_10047 (2)

Well that is all we got done today. Stay tuned to see what happens at the McHenry's tomorrow!!

Hugs to all!


Joe and Sherri said...

You go Mac

squawmama said...

Wow you guys are really getting it done! Glad you had a great visit with your grand daughter... Have fun redoing the house.. . LOL I know you will be glad when that is done... Have a super day!

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