Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will This Ever End??

I keep asking myself this question as I start on another project. I have sorted and packed until my eyes and fingers are so tired! I will be so glad when this process is all finished.

Mac decided he didn't like the way the wall in the dining room looked last night and decided to re-do it. So we were up until almost 3am working on it...and then started again this morning. Stripping wallpaper...




I also worked in the office today. I have thrown a lot of things and papers away. I have packed up a lot of craft supplies, gift wrapping supplies,  and computer stuff for the auction. I think I am almost half done in there. The hardest will be going through all the paperwork on and in the desk. I will take more photos when I get it done. I love my desk, but maybe someone else will love it as much and pay a good price for it!


I decided to take a photo of the guest bedroom to show you all how much work we have actually accomplished. Here are the photos of the things that I have packed up so far for the auction...





and those are only the ones in the spare room!

We have kids and grandkids coming Saturday to pick up the things that they are taking and hopefully have the room to take Dana's stuff too. That will help a lot just to get their things out so we don't have to work around them.

I really need a break! I just hope Mac realizes that this is really hard for me, and with just going through all of my mom's things and being very emotional, that I could really use a nice lunch or dinner out and not even think about all of this.  We need to make a Home Depot and WalMart run soon...

Our RV is sitting at the dealer almost finished. He is waiting on a couple of parts so hopefully it will be finished next week so that we will be able to meet up with Kevin and Arlene on their way back to Texas from St Louis.

Well, I had better get back to the old grindstone as it is still pretty early in the day. I can hear the office calling my name...netters, netters....I am waiting for you!

And to close, here is a photo of Mac with a mask that was made for one of our grandkids that we found...


Hugs to all!!


Gypsy said...

I can sure sympathize with you because I've been there, done that, just a year ago. It affects you physically but the worst is the emotional upset, getting rid of so many things that were important to you. It is obvious how much you've accomplished, so just hang in there.


Joe and Sherri said...

We feel your pain. Sherri went through the same thing when it came to going through our parents stuff. It was hard but she go through it and once it was over we don't look back.

Paul and Mary said...

Oh, darlin'! We've been there, done that and have the t-shirt. What you're going through is hard, physically and emotionally. Give yourself time to rest, cry, and whatever. Take care of yourself and know that soon it will be behind you.

Really, it will!!!!

Take good care.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Big project, but looks like you are making great progress!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!