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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Wonderful Days with Great Friends!

Sorry I haven't posted, but Mac and I have both been sick. I guess we pushed ourselves too far working on the house...

But, we have spent the last three days with some great friends. On Saturday we met Kevin & Arlene Sullivan in Seneca, OK at the Bordertown Casino RV Park to spend some time gambling and a lot of time visiting. Mac and I weren't up to much on Saturday.

As we pulled in to the RV Park we looked up and Kevin & Arlene were pulling in right behind us!! What timing! It was amazing.



We both got all set up and decided we would go up to the Casino for some dinner and to make a small donation for the night. We had a great dinner(no buffet here) and then split up to spend a little money.


We went to get our Player's Card and you get to spin a wheel to see if you can win some money. Arlene & I won $5.00. I think Kevin won $2.00, and Mac hit the Jackpot on his spin and won $50.00. That just started his lucky 3 day streak!! We spent a couple of hours in the casino and then headed back to our RV's so we could all rest up for Sunday.

Sunday morning arrived and we were off to the Downstream Casino & Hotel Resort just south of Joplin, MO. This is a really nice place. The Hotel is in MO, the Parking lot & RV parking is in KS, and the Casino is in OK. LOL...We went in and the first thing on our list was a Players Card so we could see if we got any we headed over to the Buffet for lunch! Since it was Sunday, it was Brunch. It was awesome! Also had a yummy piece of Raspberry Cheesecake!  Now it was time to head in to the Casino and gamble off all that food! LOL...well I made my donation. I don't think anyone else really made any money here except for the $50.00 that Mac won, and I took $20.00 of it to play!

Monday we headed over to Miami, OK to the Buffalo Run Casino for some more casino doesn't look like much on the outside but was very nice on the inside. Since it was about 1:30 we decided that maybe we should have some lunch first. We had a great waiter that took a photo of us together.




The waiter told us that there was a Slot Tournament at 3pm so we decided to enter after we had our lunch. I had never done this but it was a lot of fun...Arlene took 1st Place, Mac took 3rd Place, Kevin took 5th Place(I think) and I took Then we were off to the casino floor to spend some of our money. I won $98.00 but like a dummy I kept playing and ended up only cashing in $12.50. Mac on the other hand left the casino about $110.00 to the good..even deducting the money he paid for lunch! I need his luck!

We headed back to the RV's and settled in for the night with the promise of meeting for the $0.99 breakfast on Tuesday morning before Kevin & Arlene had to head south toward Texas.

Mac & Kevin clowning around!


Hey Kevin! Where's your winnings???


"I left them all in Oklahoma"



Now is the time I have been dreading for the last three days...It is time to say goodbye to this great couple!






and they are off....sob...sob...


and only one more thing to say...

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We had a great time this last few days with you, Kevin & Arlene!! See you again in just a few months!

We will be staying here in Seneca for a couple more days to try to get over this crud that we have, and then we will be off to Kansas City to meet up with Paul & Mary at their park in Merriam for a few days!

Hugs to all!!


Leno said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. They are great. We miss you both already. What a great time. Isn't it funny, seems like we've known you forever! Thanks for making the trip to meet up with us....

Jim and Dee said...

What a great bunch of RV'ers from the family. Thanks for posting the great pictures of ya'll.

squawmama said...

So glad you were finally able to get away from the house chores and have some fun. Always fun to spend quality time with friends and good food...☺☺☺ Hope you're both feeling better soon! Have FUN & Travel Safe!

Joe and Sherri said...

I know how it is to say good-bye for a while. Wish we could be up there with all of you. We are in Hillsboro without our house on wheels. I am staying in the motel and Sherri is off working. Have fun and keep us updated...Hope you feel better soon.