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Gate Guarding

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spending Time with Friends and Work on the House

Here is another apology...I have just not been feeling very well and I know it is no excuse, but that is the main reason that I haven't gotten this new post done.

We spent last Thursday-Saturday in Merriam, KS visiting with our friends Paul & Mary while they are there for the holiday's. They took us to Jack Stack BBQ for dinner...WOW! It is sooo good! We had never ate there before and we are big BBQ lovers. If you are in Kansas City, please make a trip there and have some of their tasty food!! I took my camera, but with such great company, I forgot to take any photos!

Friday, I had planned on making dinner for all of us, but the Witwer Big Bull was quarantined. Mary's eye was red and swollen and she was afraid she had Pink Eye. So Mac and I just hung out and headed out to do a little shopping. Nothing exciting.

Saturday Mary was much better, so I made the Taco Soup and some appetizers. They came over about 5:30 and we spent a great evening visiting and know that surprises some of you. Again, no photos...I don't know what was wrong with me, but we just got all caught up with the visiting knowing that we would be leaving the next morning.

Sunday came way too soon! We were up and preparing to travel back to Garnett so that we could get started on the house again. I woke up with a swollen right eye and was thinking maybe I had what Mary had caught. We said our goodbye's and See ya Laters and off we headed...

We made it home and got the RV set back up at the RV Park. We just kind of kicked back knowing that we would be hard at it again on Monday at the house.

Monday we went over to the house and got back to work. Mac got the rest of the Family Room painted...YEAH! I worked on the Office to get things ready for him to move into there next.

Tuesday we didn't get much accomplished...Mac had his appointment with the Cardiologist and I just was feeling worse. I just can't seem to kick this stuff. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday so I will see what he has to say.

Two of our granddaughter's, Natalie & Justyce had their Winter Program so we took off about 6:45 for that. Here are a couple of photos of the girls:


CIMG0816 [800x600]


CIMG0821 [800x600]

It was a great program, but somewhere these schools have forgotten the regular Christmas songs...they sang African songs, Hebrew songs,Spanish songs, Hannakah songs, but no traditional Christian Christian songs. I was very disappointed about that, but the girls sang very well and looked great!

On Wednesday, we were back at the house working. The office would be painted today!!! YEAH! That is the last room to paint. Then all we need to do is finish packing and sorting.

Mac hard at work while the Project Photographer is hard working



Here is a photo of the desk that I will try to sell before the auction. It is huge, but at least it comes apart in 3 bottom sections and 3 top sections.



The doctor gave me an antibiotic and some drops for my ears so we will see if this will make me well again!

We are off to the house again today so that I can finish sorting through the stuff that was on the desk.

Friday evening we will be going over to have dinner with my brother at the Assisted Living Facility. It is their Christmas Family Night. Natalie & Justyce will be going with us....I guess we will see how that goes.

Saturday I will be going to a Progressive dinner with some friends for some food and a lot of conversation. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh?

Well, I need to get to work...

Hugs to all!!!


Bob and Molly said...

Hope you're feeling better Nette! Good luck with the will be gone in no time at all!!!

Debbie and Rod said...

I went to Catholic school as a child so there was PLENTY of Christian Christmas songs! Somebody else told their child's "Christmas" program was also African songs. They chose not to attend and neither did their child. I have nothing against celebrating other religions as well but what happened to the Christians??

Leno said...

Sorry you are still under the weather. Hopefully the meds will help kick it.
I would have been terribly disappointed with no known Christmas music as well. I love it..
Glad to see you are getting that house finished up. Can't wait to meet up with you again over the winter.

Gypsy said...

It sounds like you are just responding to all the stress you've been under. When you have made it through getting the house done and get through the holidays, then I hope you can concentrate on yourself!

squawmama said...

Sorry to hear you’re not well but hopefully the meds you got will have you back on the road in no time... Sure hope you guys get the house done and sold real quick... Have a wonderful day my friends...

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