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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

 easter greetings

There's not been too much activity going on around our house this last week. I did have that lump removed under my arm and the pathology report said it was benign! Yeah! Now the bad news. I ended up with the Flu I think, for several days. Wednesday, Mac started feeling sick but with more symptoms. He also has the respiratory part and so far I have not gotten that. Stayed home in bed to recoup but had to work on Friday.

I also had an appointment at the hospital in the afternoon for them to check the incision. Well, it turns out that the surgery site is very infected. Now get this, it is not infected on the outside. Not red or feverish....the infection is on the inside where they took out the lump...hmm. If that was not bad enough, they had to take a culture and drain it. Now that was painful! Ouch!! I was put on a high dose of antibiotic to take and have to see the surgeon this next week.

I think Mac is more sick than I have ever seen him. He just can't seem to kick this. I was feeling better until last night and I'm afraid that he is giving it back to me...I Don't Want It Back!!!

The weather is dreary and rainy today. All I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep. Maybe I will after this post.  lol

We need to get our RV out of the back yard and to the dealer so he can fix the warranty work before we take another trip, but it is just too wet and supposed to rain off and on all week.

Well enough of these gloomy thoughts!

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


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Sandra said...

Happy Easter you two and get better! You need to OD on Vitamin C or something!

Jim and Dee said...

I hope you feel better real quick. Too bad you had to work, should take it easy and get your strength back. tell Mac to stay away. lol

Rod & Loyce Ivers said...

Hey rest up over there, we can't have fellow Kansas folks so sick. Seriously lets hope you can get on top of this as soon as possible. Your right about the rain, we're getting it here in KC too.

Rod and Loyce

Chuck & Kathy said...

Soooo glad that you only have the flu! The weather is not good any where, at least not here, we are in Albuquequrie, and even though it has only rained a little the wind has been bad. Hope you had a good Easter, and stop trading off the flu. Kathy & Chuck

Debbie Goode said...

Oh my goodness, you two. I sure hope the Easter Bunny brought you a basketful of WELLNESS! Our thoughts are with you. Hope you both feel better soon...