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Gate Guarding

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our First Post

We are new to the blogging world so this first entry may seem to be rambling. Mac and I have started to make our plans for retirememt and to go fulltiming in our new RV that we are shopping for. We have a small travel trailer that we now own. We go camping as often as we can and love the lifestyle, so we decided that when we retire we will live in our future RV fulltime.
We have went to many RV shows and have pretty much decided that we will buy a Heartland Bighorn 3670RL or a Heartland Landmark Agusta. They have the same floorplan but of course the Landmark is the top of their line.
We will be selling our house so we have started downsizing. We are sorting through years and years of personal belongings. Some are not real important, but some are very important to me. I have started sorting things to get rid of, give to the kids, store, and take. I will eventually sort through the storage list and narrow it down to as small as possible. I know that our list to take with us will also need to be narrowed down because of the small amount of space we will have in the RV. I didn't think that it would be hard to get rid of all these things, but when I pull out a photo or a little collectible figurine that one of my kids or grandkids have given me, it is emotional.
My husband, Mac,(Gregg) will be retiring this fall, but will be working for another company for a couple of years and will be doing some traveling to different jobsites as an Enviornmental Inspector. I'm hoping to retire after the first of the year and accompany him at least part time.
So, I have rambled on enough for today. Wish us luck on our dreams of fulltiming. I'll keep you posted as our plans progress.

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Hi! I found your blog via RV-Dreams and just wanted to say hi, as we are a family of future full-timers too. You can check out our RV blog at