Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cleaning out Closets

Last week was a short work week but seemed like it lasted forever...Things were crazy at home and work.

Friday finally came and our granddaughter came to spend the night and help me start cleaning out the back closets. We started on my bedroom walk in closet and we pulled everything out..clothes, shoes, name it we took it out. We boxed up about half of the shoes and clothes to get rid of. I still need to weed out more but right now I need some of it for work and some for play, so I will wait a little while for that.

Glo and I then worked on the spare room for a while. We have so much stuff..I never realized that we had soooo much stuff!

I talked to Chris on Saturday and she is feeling much better. She had her staples taken out on Wednesday and the Dr said she was doing really good. Hopefully he will release her to come up and see us the weekend of the 19th.

Well that's all for today. More work scheduled for this weekend...I may never get this all done. I only have about another month to get it all done so we can finish painting and get it on the market...

"Happy Late Birthday Jenny J...

and Happy Birthday to Sandra"

See you in Chat!! :-}


Joe and Sherri said...

I know about the S T U F F We had our share. I think we still have some of that share? We will have a barn sale here in another month and hopefully get rid of some more S T U F F. Be sure to get some pictures of the RV show. Seems like we will miss the one here in Dallas also. Oh well Hope to see you soon.

Joe and Sherri

Sandra said...

Thanks netters, appreciate the birthday wishes.

Love the Maureen comic.