Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduations, Parties, and Promotions…

Not sure just where to begin…

We left Garnett on Thursday, May 13th on our way to Plains, Ks for our granddaughter, Britny’s Graduation. We didn’t get started as early as we wanted so we stopped in Kingman for the night. Had dinner and visited with our daughter Teri and her family for awhile.

Friday morning we were on the road again..this time destination Plains…now the place that we stay in Plains does NOT have the usual “It” factor, but for us it is close to Dana and her family…just a few blocks. We got all set up and Dana and the little girls came over…great granddaughters, Jaelynn & Brylee. We visited for awhile and then had to get ready for Crysta'l’s boyfriend, Tyrel’s Graduation Party. The food was great and there were lots of people we didn’t know…lol. We didn’t stay too long as Jaelynn decided that she wanted to play in the mud and water…oops..and no clean or dry clothes with us. So we headed back to Plains for an early night.

On Saturday, Mac’s sister, Linda and her family arrived at the RV Park for Sunday’s Graduation. We visited a lot to catch up on what everyone had been up to.

Sunday,May 16th…Britny’s Graduation Day… the ceremony was very nice. Not only was Britny graduating, but her boyfriend, Cody, and Crystal’s boyfriend, Tyrel were also graduating. So…that made for a lot of photos to be We are very proud of Britny, Cody & Tyrel!! I will post more when we get back to Garnett where we have free wi-fi.

Britny & Grandma Nette

DSC_0745 [800x600]


DSC_0613 [800x600]

Cody & Britny

DSC_0700 [800x600]

and Tyrel

DSC_0599 [800x600]

Tyrel, Crystal, and Brylee

Crystal Tyrel and Brylee [800x600]

After graduation, we headed for Britny & Cody’s Graduation Party. The food was great and Britny got lots of gifts and cards with money.

DSC_0858 [800x600]

DSC_0806 [800x600]

Britny wanted some photos of the grandkids that were there and a photo of us with off we went outside to take more Boy there are a lot of kids here…and still more that weren’t

DSC_0832 [800x600]

Monday we just kicked back and relaxed after the weekend’s activities.

Tuesday, Mac & I, and Dana & Britny went to Liberal, KS for some shopping and lunch. We stopped by the Verizon Store to check out the phones and service plans. We have talked about switching over because they have a better coverage according to their maps for places we are going to be.

Wednesday, we went over to Ulysses to place some flowers on our parents, my brother’s, our son Trey’s, and our grandson, Ray’s graves. We also went in to town and visited with Mac’s sister and husband Phil. We went to El Ranchito for our mexican food fix.

We headed back to Plains early to attend Britny’s Softball Awards Dinner. Britny got several awards…one for Most Hustle, voted on by her teammates. She also received an awesome poster of her pitching, and 8 softballs for her home runs for her senior season. The team had 14 home runs for the season and Brit made 8 of those!!! I forgot to take my camera to the dinner, so I don’t have any photos. oops…

Thursday, we packed up and headed east back to Kingman for Kyle’s Graduation & Party, and Ryan’s Promotion. Britny came with us. She headed over to Teri’s a little after we got here to stay with them for the weekend.

Friday we were able to just sit and visit, knowing that Saturday & Sunday were going to be very hectic. Dana & her family, Teri’s Mom, Kami, Nate & Kailynn all arrived.

We got to see our newest great granddaughter, Kailynn for the first time…she is adorable! Here are photos of 3 of our 4 great grandchildren…


Kailynn May 2010 [800x600]


DSC_0528 [800x600]


Jaelynn [800x600]

Saturday, we went to “Livingston” the building that would house the graduation party later in the day. We helped get things set up and I was the project I took so many photos that it will take me days to sort through them to pick out the best ones. After things were set up we all left to get cleaned up and back for the party. The party turned out great! There were a lot of people that came and Kyle received gifts and a lot of cards with money…

Lynnie, Kyle & Teri

DSC_0776 [800x600]

DSC_0724 [800x600]

Sunday, May 23rd…Graduation Day for Kyle…we just hung out at the RV until time to go to Graduation. It was a very nice ceremony and Kyle looked great. We are so very proud of him!


DSC_1001 [800x600]

DSC_1011 [800x600]

After graduation we went to Teri’s house to visit with all of the family that was still there.

Monday, Mac, Teri, & I went to Pratt to make a WalMart run. I needed to pick up something for Kailynn. Wasn’t sure what to get so had to ask what Kami still needed for her. We ended up buying a Baby Monitor, Large Diaper Disposal Pail, and a very soft pink bunny that plays music…

Tuesday…Ryan’s Promotion Day…We just hung out at the RV for the day. Teri had to go in to work for a little while so we didn’t go over until about 5:30 so we could head out to Ryan’s Promotion.


 DSC_0547 [800x600]

DSC_0635 [800x600]

Jaden had been selected to be an escort for the service. She looked very nice in her black & pink dress.

DSC_0551 [800x600]

The ceremony was nice and pretty short…lol. The 7th grade parents served punch & cookies afterwards. Ryan’s dad came to his promotion all the way from Manter, KS!! That’s a long drive…After the promotion we just went back over to Teri & Lynnie’s to visit for awhile.

Wednesday, we are starting to get the RV ready for travel. We will be heading back to Garnett on Thursday to continue getting the house ready for the auction and sale. We only have about 5 weeks to get everything else done.

We are pulling out on July 6th to go to our dealer to have a few warranty things fixed that we reported before the warranty ran out. From there we will be heading to Mountain Grove, MO to visit with some family for a couple of days, then to Sikeston for a night with a trip to “Lambert’s”…and then on to Nashville for the Heartland Rally. After Nashville we are planning a trip to New Jersey to see Troy & his family for a few weeks. We have gotten some planning done and times set for our fall travels.

Well I need to finish this post…I have to make Green Chili for tonight’s dinner…yummy. Wish I had some Tamales from the Mexican Bakery in Mission to go with them….

I will post more photos of all our days in Plains & Kingman when we get home!!

We made it back to Garnett about 3:30pm today. Went over to the house to get my car and ran to the Post Office to pick up all of our mail…

We will be doing laundry tomorrow and pack some things to head to Missouri for my cousins funeral on Saturday. Not sure I am ready to go to another funeral yet but this is family…

Hugs to all !!!



Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family...those babies look so sweet!!!...Bet Mac is getting excited to cross the border into Tennessee!!!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a happy family, you have every right to be sooo proud!

(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a happy family, you have every right to be sooo proud!

(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a happy family, you have every right to be sooo proud!

(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard