Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pre Rally Gathering and Rally gets Started

Thursday we all got up and gathered…we were going to the RV and MH Hall of Fame. This is a great place to see all the history of RV’s.



It started out with a video…then we were all on our own to browse through all of the exhibits.


There were Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, and 5thWheels from all shapes and sizes.




We had to take a little time out for some fun…Donna, Marcia, and me…

Three Bears Donna MArcia Lynette



After going through the Museum we all were hungry and had different places we wanted to go, so we separated in to groups and had our own lunches and activities for the day.


We gathered again later for Happy Hour…this seems to be a daily occasion. Friday we just hung out and had Happy Hour..then 8 couples went to the clubhouse to play Hand & Foot…and I am happy to say that the ladies won at all 4 tables!!  WooHoo!


Saturday, Mac & I and Kevin & Arlene headed over to Shipshewana to have lunch and visit a few of the shops over there.


We had lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant. Mac had homemade Chicken & Noodles, Arlene and I had the Roasted Turkey Dinner, and Kevin had the Fried Chicken Dinner…OH my goodness…it was really good. We also took a slice of pie home for later.



Mac and Netters

Sunday, Mac and I headed out to do a little shopping…he has volunteered to be in a Beauty Contest on Tuesday and needed to find himself an outfit…lol. I won’t go in to that now…photos to follow later in the blog.


Monday, the Gypsy Journal Rally started so we went and registered and walked through the Vendor Booths.Later we went out to Focal Wood to check on the status of our desk/dining table and for Chuck & Kathy to pick up their dining chairs that were finished. We will be having our desk/table installed on Sept 9th and I will post photos of it after that.

Of course Happy Hour followed all of Our good friend Jim Beletti, Director of  Heartland Owner Interests arrived today and bought 10 Pizzas for all of us to enjoy for Happy Hour.

He is a really nice guy!!




Tuesday, I went to a seminar about aircards and things you can do to boost the power…didn’t really learn anything that I already knew.

Tonight was the Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest that Mac had volunteered to participate in…well the photos tell the story…Mac didn’t win, but is was soo much fun, and they raised $450.00 for the Escapees Care program.








Mac Kissing Nicks head


and the winner is…Jim Guld

Click link to view the video of the contest

After the Contest we headed back to our RV and set around with friends and then headed over to Jim’s RV…he was making Margarita’s…

Wednesday morning Mac & I had volunteered to be Door Monitors for a couple of seminars so we were off to be door police at 10:30. After we were finished we went to lunch with Keith & Donna, Kevin & Arlene, and Chuck & Kathy. Now it is sprinkling so not sure what the rest of the day will be…

Stay tuned to our Indiana Adventures…



Jim and Dee said...

What a hoot! I'm so sorry Mac didn't win, but he sure did look good. LOL

JB said...

I think the fix was in. Mac was heads, shoulder and &*()s out in front as far as I was concerned. Have Fun

Randy and Terry said...

Love Mac's outfit!! So glad you're having fun at the rally. We went to Nick's rally two years ago and loved it. He and Terry do a great job.

Tell everyone hey for us!

scott davidson said...

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I don't live in the United States but have traveled and passed a short time there. But even with the little time spent in your beautiful country, especially in small-town America, I can relate to some of the poetical feel that Hopper and Wyeth had captured in their art, which is for me part of the attraction of their paintings.
Browsing at the other day, as I do now and then, I find a good selection of Edward Hopper's work, ,in the big archive of Western Art, that customers can order online for canvas prints and even hand-painted, oil-painting reproductions can be made and sent to them.
Hopper's surrealistic and depersonalized world is there again. Timeless, yes, as it is still there now in the roadside cafes and diners that I ate at all over America.