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Gate Guarding

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Branson, Friends, and Saying Goodbye…

We had a great time in Branson! We ended up staying a couple of days longer than we had intended.

We drove around a few times to see all the fall colors here. They are fabulous!!



I had a couple of days of not feeling very good, so it is a good thing we stayed longer.

We didn’t do very much Tourist stuff, but we did take in a Marty Robbins Tribute show with John & Bridget and Mike & Leslie on Thursday. After we all split up after the show…them headed back to Treasure Lake RV Resort and us back to our campground. No photos…I forgot the camera….

We decided that we were going to go and check out a BBQ place that had been suggested to Bridget. We went to Danna’s BBQ & Burger’s. Mac & I both had the Rib Plate.  WOW…they were really good and gave you huge portions. We both took Ribs & fixings home for the next nights dinner. Sorry, no photos…forgot the camera.

Friday, we went over to visit with John & Bridget and Mike & Leslie since we would be leaving on Saturday morning. We have really enjoyed these 2 couples. They are great friends! We have also loved traveling off & on with John & Bridget for the last couple of months and will miss all of them terribly!

Mike & Leslie are going to making their way toward Utah to see family and John & Bridget are headed back to Mississippi to see family and await the arrival of their first granddaughter.

Saturday morning we were up and on the road by about 10am. The trip was pretty un-eventful. No problems with the “DLT”(damn little trailer) for a change…LOL. I sure will be glad when we get to Yuma and can try to sell the Golf Cart & Trailer.

The Fall foliage is just amazing this time of year and I couldn’t resist taking way too many photos….also photos of my obsession…Old Barns.


Table Rock Lake




Drive to Garnett…







and What’s with this???? A Cow on the roof…..



and this mounted on a pole in Nevada, MO….part Manure Spreader & part Plane…LOL




and an abandoned train car…



and then we saw…..



We made it to Garnett about 3pm and started to get set up at the Garnett Inn Suites & RV Park when Mac said that there was a power problem with the pull-thru site that we were in….so we hooked back up and moved across the road to a smaller back-in site….not as nice, but will work for us for the week we will be here.

After we got all settled in, we decided to run downtown and have dinner at the Los Mezcelaros Mexican Restaurant. We saw several people that we hadn’t seen in a while and stopped to catch up.

We have lots of doctor appointments this week and also need to take several things out of the RV and put into our storage shed. Hopefully during this week we will also be able to see several of our friends.

Stay tuned….the craziness is just starting…when we leave here we will be heading to Emporia to see Jenni & family, then on to Kingman to see Teri & family, and then on to Plains to see Dana & family, and then on to Amarillo to see Chris & Dusty before heading west to Yuma for the winter….whew…I’m already tired just thinking about it.But can’t wait to see the kids and all those grandkids that we have been missing!


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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice fall color pictures. Have not thought about Marty Robbins for a long time. My mother use to listen to him all the time.

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

very nice fall colours on your journey to Garnett!!.thanks for sharing them!!..enjoy the visit with all the kids!!

Randy and Terry said...

So sorry we couldn't work it out to see you guys today. But, I know we'll run into each other somewhere down the road! In the meantime, we have Facebook!! :)

Carol and Johnny said...

Trying to get my bearings on your travels in Kansas. Is there anyplace that works for us to get together before you head to Yuma?

Would be great to meet live in person!