Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where Did January Go??

January has sure flown by here in Yuma….We have had a lot of time to just relax. but we have also spent a lot of great time with our friends here.


Last Friday was dinner & cards at Mike and Bette’s…Mac won one of the pots & Bette won the other one. It is so fun to hang out with all these friends.

Just imagine if we hadn’t gotten on that RV-Dreams Chat room…we would have never met Phyllis…and never came to Yuma in the first place. Now we have several friends here that we miss everytime we have to leave. We have met so many new friends since we have went on the road fulltime! I can’t imagine not having them now….

We spent the weekend just hanging out at the RV…and a few errands ran.


Monday was Moose night agian! Hot Wings and listening to some Karaoke…Our friend Mike, does some Karaoke every week if he & Bette are there…

Buzz and Kendra


Bob & Mac


Jerry and Mike


Phyllis, Sharon, and Bette


Tuesday we went to Mexico with the gang….Jerry drove his van over and the 10 of us crammed in to make the trip…we all have different things to get done..some to the dentist…some to the eye doctor, some for pedicures, and others to just do a little shopping. We all met at Paraiso’s for some lunch and of course a few Margarita’s!! We had a great day with an unexpected ending!!

We started back through Custom’s and Jerry handed over everyone’s Passports. The guard looked everyone over and made sure we were all who we said we were…lol…..then the fun started!! Jerry’s van came up for a Random Check!  That meant that we all had to get out of the van and walk over to this small caged area…we went inside the cage and they went over the van inside and out with guards and search dogs!  Of course everything was fine, but it was a little excitement to close out our day in Mexico!!

Wednesday I was supposed to go Casino hopping with the girls, but I woke up in the middle of the night now feeling very well, so I passed and just stayed home. Now, Mac he met the guys at Parishes for the “DP” Club for a couple of hours. He stopped at Fry’s and then brought dinner home for us.

Not sure what today will bring…..

Stay tuned….



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Speedy said...

Love you post...I guess the weather there has been great. We have really lucked out here with good weather up until now...Snow fell last night and it is cool here this morning.

Joe and Sherri

Siobhan said...


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Thanks and have a great day!