Gate Guarding

Gate Guarding

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day

Mac and I hope that everyone had a happy 4th of July! Our best wishes to all of our family and friends who have been following our blog.

For very personal reasons, I will not be continuing to post this blog. It has come to our attention that some family members are upset with the way I have posted this blog, so this will be my last post at least for now.

Thanks to everyone for following our road to go full time and all our adventures with family and friends. Also, thanks for all of your comments and encouragement.



Jim and Dee said...

we will miss you very much. Please stay in touch thru chat when you can. You're very special to us

JB said...

Sorry to hear that Netters.

Leno said...

I am shocked and very sad to hear this news. I sure hope you reconsider. You both had better come into the chatroom at least.
Miss you and can't wait until we meet up again.

Chuck & Kathy said...

Well hopefully you will keep track of us and stay in touch. We never know what the future holds so hope to see you down the road.
Hugs, Kathy
We will always be think of you when we fix the

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

We shall miss you and your thoughts. But with that said, I have had some negative comments from family at time too, so we understand completely.

Randy and Terry said...

Oh, Lynette! I am so sorry that you feel you need to stop blogging. I hope whatever is going on in your world is reconciled and life gets better for you and Mac.

We'll keep in touch via FB!! Take care. Big hugs to you.

Debbie and Rod said...

This is YOUR blog and I feel you should be able to write whatever you want to from the heart. I tell people if they don't like what I write in my blog then just don't read it. It's that simple.

Debbie & Rod

Teri_Bell said...

DAD AND NETTERS, I agree with Debbie and Rod! Not sure what is going on but I am sure I will find out soon! You both need to know that this family member loves your blogs and I say keep blogging! LOVE YA BOTH!

Jenny Johnson said...

Don't you guys dare stop blogging--
I love to read about everything you do!! AND I can't believe I missed your birthday Mac. What a wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful guy, Netters. It was great!!!!!

my best

Rick and Paulette said...

I hope you change your mind about discontinuing your blog - it's great and I would really miss it.

Britny Dawn Butler said...

Maybe you should let everyone know the whole story grandma. I love you and all but I'm very disappointed in you and grandpa. I do agree with mom that you should have been there for me when I went to state. That was very important for me to win state and I most likely will not ever get the chance to win state again. I wish you guys could have been there because it was amazing. Since you were not there I hoped that you would be proud of me and write about me. Not trying to make your road to retirement all about me but that was a special and great accomplishment that I had and I feel like you don't even care. Sorry things got out of hand with it but it was never ment to be said that you should not be blogin bout your life. It is just that I've read your blog and you write about being bored but I'm not important enough to make it on your page. I love you and grandpa and I'm sorry if any of what I have written has upset you but I have been holding this in and when you wrote all this on your blog you made us seem like the bad guys and we are not. It just seems to us that we are not important to you guys any more.

Teri_Bell said...

Not trying to upset you Britny because you know I love you but there was and still is a post about your team winning state on here from grandma. It was posted on March 15, 2009 and here is what it says.........."Britny was playing in the State Basketball Tournament and her team won first place. Congratulations Brit on winning State!!! She is an awesome athlete. They will be at our house until Wednesday morning when they have to go back home.

Safe travels to all...."

Just trying to keep the peace! Love ya all!

Joe and Sherri said...

We feel your that we have one of ours here I know what is expected of us in posting. If certain things are not written about then I get it! Pictures have to be just so and they get to edit the ones they want put in. Well maybe we need to have a g-kids journal and just put all there stuff in there. We can't win for losing...HE HE

greg and jean said...

Mac and Netters....

It figures I find your blog for the first time and now you say you are putting an end to this blog....sorry to read that !!

It was great to meet you in Sedalia and look forward to seeing you down the road....winter in the RGV??

greg and jean