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Gate Guarding

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Restful & Painful Week

It has been a very restful week. I went to the Podiatrist on Tuesday and he surgically removed my big toenail so I have had to be off my feet most of the week. It has been really painful this time.

Mac has had to pitch in and do the cooking and pretty much everything else while I sit with my foot elevated on a pillow...aaahhh...Honestly he has been great! Even when I whine that I am really

He has been making more lists of things he needs to do to the RV. I think that is an endless thing. I also have been working on lists of things that need to go in the RV eventually so I will know what I need to pack up to get rid of. I have a lot of kitchen stuff!! LOL

I have read books and watched TV until I could almost scream..also been on Facebook, YoVille, and Farm Town a lot. Been reading blogs, forums and lots of email..Whew...

Our granddaughter Natalie, came over to spend the afternoon on Thursday and wanted something to do, so I decided to look through my beading stuff..and before I knew it she had made her 3 pair of earrings and her sister 2 pair. And also she had made her friend Bailey 2 pair. I started going through things and I ended up making two necklaces with matching earrings. Below are the photos of the necklaces and earrings. Didn't get a photo of the earrings that Nat made. Maybe next time..

Necklace4 Necklace5

Necklace Black1

Necklace Black3

I have got some more ideas for a couple more necklaces and a couple of bracelets. I am going to make a few watchbands for one of my watches that I can interchange using little lobster claw closures on the ends. If and when I get those made, I will post photos of those too...

The painting of the trim on the outside of the house is coming right along. We will soon be ready for the main painting. Can't wait to get that finished. That's one more step closer to getting this place on the market.

I want to wish Mac a Happy Father's Day! He is such a great father to all of our kids!!!

Also, a Happy Father's Day to all the other Great Dad's out there!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to some dear friends, Phyllis & Bob, that are going through some tough medical issues right now, and also to a couple of friends that are going through some other tough times..we love ya!

Hugs to all!


Leno said...

Maybe you needed the week to just sit and rest, lol... Sometimes we need an excuse. Hope your toe is feeling better by now.
Love the jewelry.. Nice work. You can make some money on the road, for sure..
Glad to hear the painting is coming along. Just brings you closer to selling.
See you on chat.

Randy and Terry said...

LOVE those necklaces and earrings, Nette! Hope you're feeling better now. Take care.

Joe and Sherri said...

Well get that house sold and lets get together and have some fun

Paula and Tom said...

Hey guys, Just a note of encouragement to Nette. A few years ago I had 3 toenails removed permanently from each foot. Two weeks between feet. Now I only have 4 toenails. I can wear any shoes I want with no pain. It took quite a bit of after care, but worth it. Tom was a great help, too. Good luck with it all. Paula and Tom

Bob and Molly said...

Hi Nette and take care of the foot...glad to hear Mac is taking good care of you! Makes me think of your blog about the exploding baking dish at Christmas after your foot surgery....
Hugs to both of you and miss you guys!