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Gate Guarding

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mac's Birthday-the Big 6-0

Gregg Birthdate_Vga

Sixty years ago today Mac was born to parents, Kenneth & Shirley McHenry in Lamar, Colorado.

Shirley Turpin BW_Vga Kenneth in Uniform BW_Vga

He lived most of his life in Ulysses, Kansas.

Gregg as Baby_Vga

Gregg School Photo 4  oval resized_Vga

Gregg and Linda Gay  soft edges resized_Vga

Gregg 8th Promotion with border_Vga

Gregg Senior Photo cut edges_Vga

Mac & I were married in 1984 and lived in Ulysses. We moved to Garnett, Kansas in 1991.

Gregg and Lynette Wedding Photo1 resized_Vga

Gregg and Lynette on Cruise resized_Vga

Mac retired in December 2008 after working for a Gas Company for 31 years. One of these days we will be making another move...into our RV to travel and enjoy our retirement. It seems like it has taken a long time for us to reach this point in our life.

Gregg 2004_Vga


Mac driving to RV dealer

Fredricksburg group1_Vga

Gregg and Nette Wichita May 09 cropped

Mac with his new hat

and last but not least...Mac at his best!

Mac doing dance

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I Love You!


Debbie and Rod said...

OMG!!! Newton???!!! LMAO!! Boy, you guys sure were a snappy looking couple on your wedding day. Thanks netters for sharing all those pictures. Rod and I got a good laugh at Mac's expense.

Debbie & Rod

Mike and Pat McFall said...

Happy Birthday Mac! and many, many more!!! Nice pictures Nette.

Pat and Mike

Chasingthe70s said...

Happy Birthday Mac.

Joe and Sherri said...

Gee Mac you were as big a Geek as I was...LOL I thought I was the only Buddy Holly glasses wearing guy in High School...HE HE we could have made a pair...maybe even started our own band.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pal...can't wait to meet up and drink a beer together.

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Mac!

Great tribute, Netters!

Randy and Terry said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday, Mac! Hope it was a great day. The pics are fantastic. I agree with Deb & Rod - you guys were picture perfect on your wedding day. :)

Leno said...

Wow Greg, what a wife to put this together for you.
The Happiest of Birthday's goes out to you Greg from Kevin and I. We wish you many, many more!!!!! Have a great day.....

Bob and Molly said...

Happy Birthday Mac! Hope it's a great year for you!
Nice blog the photos!
Hugs and miss you guys!

FD5 said...

Happy Birthday Mac, have a great day!

Mark and Dortha said...

Happy Birthday Mac...what a great blog!

P and M said...

Happy Birthday, Mac!

Best wishes for health, happiness and many carefree miles ahead.

Wonderful post!

- Natasha